Sean Smith is dead, killed at Benghazi. His mother is waiting for answers, waiting, waiting....waiting...

If you have a son (or daughter), give them a hug today.  You’ll be able to do something that Mrs. Smith no longer can.  Pat Smith is the mother of Sean Smith, one of the four Americans killed in the terrorist attack of the US Consulate at Benghazi.  She gave a brief interview to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, shown below, and describes her meetings with, and the words of,  the President, Secretaries of State and Defense, and Amb. Rice.   If you can watch this without tears in your eyes, or feelings of outrage, you’re a better person than I.

There is a moral bankruptcy about this Administration, whose members put political self-preservation above national security and human interest, as personified by a mother’s anguish in not knowing what happened to her son.  The mainstream media, CNN, NBC, CBS et al, are finally broadcasting the deceit and the facts of what was known, by whom, and when it was known.

After watching Mrs. Smith’s interview and asking yourself, what I would do if this nightmare was happening to me and my family, there shouldn’t be any doubt when you go into the voting booth on November 6th.

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