The debate: Obama's Mitt-fit and Michelle's "the Look"

I would have loved to have been a bug in the President’s limo on the ride back to the hotel.  It might have gone something like this.   (Erick and I think alike.. note the photo. Iconic.)

Michelle’s version of “if looks could kill”

Michelle, sits across the seat from the President, silent, head turned away, glaring out the side window.  Obama, across the seat from her is lost in thought, dazed at what happened, looking into the night.  BFF Valerie Jarrett sits across from them, her head turning from one to another.

Finally, she says quietly, “Mr. President, the weight of the Office and its heavy burdens that you’ve had to bear taxed your strength tonight and the voters know it.”  Obama looks at her, then Michelle, and says, “Michelle, I…”

“Shut up, BARRY.  Just shut up!”


Yes, Mitt had a great night.  He was prepared, articulate, he knew what he had to do, he did it and he sent the Obama re-election machine reeling.  And I’m willing to bet, he’ll debate in the same fashion two more times, and be even better, if that’s possible.

In an earlier post written in the first phase of the primary season, I said, “at this point in time, the only way Barack Obama will lose the November election is if he beats himself, which is within the realm of possibility given his tendencies toward hubris and narcissism.”  This point in time has come and gone, Romney proved that.  However, Obama’s hubris and narcissism were on fully on display.  We saw that last night.   And no, it wasn’t the incumbent curse that was reason that Obama lost last night.

What we’re seeing folks, is the real Obama. The emperor who has no clothes.  This is the same President who is in the Oval Office, and who conducts his Presidency in exactly the same way we saw on stage last night.  He doesn’t have command of the facts because he can’t.  The Harvard Law Review editor, the instructor at the University of Chicago, all part of the composite picture that is Barack Obama.

The American people were sold a fantasy in 2008.  We began waking up last night.

November 6, the day we take our country back.

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