Saving Mitt (from himself) and the election as well

Yo, Mitt!  This ain’t Massachusetts.  You survived the primary season and are now the presumptive Republican nominee for President.  You’re in the big leagues.  So in this supporter’s mind, it’s time to start acting like it.

Are you, like me, having a “grrr” moment?  Mine began when Romney campaign senior advisor, Eric Fehrnstrom, went on MSNBC (what the heck is he doing on that network) and said the Obamacare mandate tax was not a tax, after the Supreme Court narrowly upheld Obamacare by calling it a tax.  When Fehrnstrom delivered his etch-a-sketch comments months ago, I commented within my personal blog/website, that he should have been fired.  You can’t compete against the likes of Axelrod when you mispeak, and then appear as if you don’t even realize your gaffe.  And this past Monday’s comment was a godsend for the Dems, who are already using it to their advantage.

Rupert Murdoch runs News Corp, Jack Welch was CEO of GE.  Both are highly experienced in the running multi-billion dollar, diverse organizations.  Through their tweets and comments, both recognize the problems within the Romney hierarchy, and publicly have called out Mitt to overhaul his campaign before it’s too late, especially with Murdoch calling for “pros.”  Adding Ed Gillespie to the mix several months ago was a step in the right direction, but it’s not enough.  If Fehrnstrom worked for either Murdoch or Welch, he would have gotten a “fired” call before he walked off the MSNBC set.

Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal, ran an op-ed piece, which in essence pointed out the same meme, Mitt can’t run on the economy alone, no matter what the employment numbers are, and his insular team is part of the problem.

Obama is beatable, but we’re going down unless Mitt gets fired up.  Lately, the Mitt we’ve seen is not the Mitt we saw in Florida, when he decimated his challengers.  He has to take the fight to Obama on all fronts. Mitt needs to articulate his positions on issues other than the economy in plain English, not corporate speak, and what he is going to do if elected, because people are already listening.

I cannot believe that behind closed doors RNC honchos, many with multiple national campaigns under their belts, aren’t wondering how to get through to Romney, that he needs a cohesive message, and that his team needs an overhaul before it’s too late.   To speak publicly, as Murdoch and Welch did, garners national attention and Romney’s team took notice, but it also speaks to disarray and confusion, which is not the face you want to show to the American people.

Wake up, Mitt, and get off the jet-ski.  I don’t care where or how you vacation, but you need to get out there on the campaign trail with a renewed sense of fire and commitment to convince voters you’ve got what it takes.  As Laura Ingraham said recently, “we’ve got a country to save.”  And as you once said, “I like to fire people”, when they don’t give me the service I expect.


November 6, 2012.  The day we take America back.