Elizabeth Warren - Activating the "Reset" Button? or the Law of Karma?

Yesterday, Elizabeth Warren, won the Democratic nomination for Senator in Massachusetts.  A Pyrrhic victory.  Winning 95.7% of the vote against challenger, Marisa DeFranco, our favorite non-Cherokee Cherokee said, “Let’s not say anybody pushed anybody off the ballot.”  Really?  After watching Massachusett’s Democratic party bosses maneuver to save Warren from having to compete in a primary, you can call into the question the “democracy” part of the “Democratic” Party.  DeFranco needed two components to force a primary:  10,000 signatures to get onto the ballot, and 15% of the delegates voting for her.     She won the first round, but not the second.  And that is unfortunate for the voters of Massachusetts, especially if Liz has a meltdown. 

Elizabeth Warren (Michael Dwyer-AP)

The Democratic machine, which supported Warren in the hopes that she’s their best candidate to take down Scott Brown, may instead find themselves with their own version of Sitting Bull.  Cherokee Liz is not backing down from her claim that she’s part Cherokee, despite the fact that the Cherokee nation’s descendants have thoroughly debunked her claim.  As she’s dug herself deeper into a hole of her own making, lately she was forced to finally admit that she used her “Native American” status when applying for an academic position at University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University.

Considering the cavalcade of stories coming from Ms. Warren about her background, she is a either a pathological liar or a phony.  One thing she isn’t is a fool.  Fools don’t use “Native American” on their applications to become members of faculty at prestigious universities.  She knew exactly what she was doing – gaming the system for personal advancement.  

Consider her criticism of Scott Brown for voting against the Buffett rule, the legislation that would have required higher taxes for “millionaires and billionaires.”  Yet Warren herself, is a millionaire.  When given the option of paying her “fair share” under Massachusetts’ tax code, (the State’s tax return gives its citizens the option of paying a higher tax rate of 5.85% vs. the standard 5.3%) Ms. Warren refused, as earlier reported in the tweet by Joe Battenfeld of the Boston Herald

Ms. Warren has also criticized the predatory lending schemes of banks and mortgage companies throwing thousands of people out of their homes in foreclosures, yet she and her husband profited themselves during the housing bubble heyday, buying foreclosed homes and flipping them.  She gave a family member a loan at 9.5% interest to purchase a home back in 2000, when historical mortgage rates were a percentage point or two lower for that period.  Great sister.  

In addition to her fabled Cherokee stories, including probable plagiarized recipes to Pow Wow Chow, we have her mother’s elopement (due to “prejudice”) to an Episcopal Church 14 miles from home, her being the first nursing mother to take the bar exam (also debunked by the Bar), her grandmother driving the wagon in the Sooner land rush and living to see, no wait, she didn’t live to see her grandchild graduate from the university — she died a year earlier.

Scott Brown has now challenged Cherokee Liz to a series of debates.  By the time November comes around, Cherokee Liz may learn another kind of Indian story, or rather lesson, the Law of Karma.

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