Be careful what you wish for ... Obama's "Mitt-Fit"

The age-old proverb, “be care what you wish for, for you may get it” is coming to fruition as the hoped for face-off with Mitt Romney is taking hold.  However, the results thus far are not exactly what may have been “wished for.”

The West Virginia, Arkansas and Kentucky democratic primaries, with Obama losing 40%+ of the voters in each primary, must have increased the sales of Pepto Bismol within Obama re-election campaign, although AxelPlouffe will probably spin the results as not surprising.  After all, what can you expect from Southern conservatives mixed in with those “who cling to their guns and religion.” 

For the vaunted Chicago machine, their 2012 re-election campaign blast-off looks more like Icarus meets earth, as a series of gaffes and backfired messaging have consumed the campaign.  From the “Taliban-like” “war on women”, Hilary Rosen’s mis-speak on stay-at-home moms, to the character, Julia, inferring that women can’t or don’t know how to take care of themselves, several pollsters are showing women, in general, turning to Romney.  That should not be surprising given that he’s staying on message about the economy and jobs, which are the primary important issues for all the electorate.

Mitt Romney in Iowa (AP Photo)

The President is having what could be called, his “Mitt-Fit.”  No matter what his re-election campaign has tried, is trying, in terms of messaging and painting Romney has the bad guy, nothing so far has stuck.  What should have been a winning meme, the “vampire” Bain Capital in the recent steel commercial, was skewered by comments from fellow Democrats, most recently from Mayor Cory Booker this past Sunday on Meet the Press.  

The President’s “evolved” pronouncement for gay marriage has cost him in the polls, as 67% believed his evolution was politics-based and not personal, with some voters already voting their displeasure at the ballot box. Meanwhile, Mitt re-affirms his marriage definition and continues cruising right along.

Obama’s stance on the contraception mandate vs. Romney’s religious liberty stance has cost him several polling points with the Catholic vote.  When Notre Dame university, which hosted the President as their commencement speaker a couple of years ago, joins with other Catholic organizations in a lawsuit against the mandate, you know Obama’s in trouble.

Mitt’s tween years with the hazing of a fellow student fell flat, when it became known that Obama himself, was something of a bully, and a not very industrious student.  His own words, from his own two books, are now being looked at more closely, by more members of the press, both main stream and alternative.  

So where does all this leave the President as he continues his re-election efforts? At this point in time, he’s on defense, because the economy is once again losing steam, housing prices continue to sink, college grads unable to find jobs are moving back home with their parents, and over five million people have given up looking for work.  More and more people are starting to realize that we, as a country, a nation, are $16 trillion in debt, and the economic recovery of this past recession, is no where near the recovery of previous ones.  Our private sector is growing at an anemic rate, and regulatory and tax uncertainty post-election, with the Bush tax cuts expiring and the oncoming Obamacare tax increases, have caused many companies to hold off on hiring and investment.

As more of the Republican establishment starts to believe that Mitt Romney can win, the pressure on the Obama re-election campaign will build.  The President is vulnerable this time around, and that vulnerability is of his own making.  

Obama may be having a Mitt-Fit now, but his own mis-steps and mis-cues are in danger of turning the Mitt-Fit into his own Misfit.  We’ll know in November.


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