You are What You Eat, or rather, What the Govt SAYS You Can Eat

Grrrrr… This latest article, Parents: Rule’s half-baked — State’s junk food ban could take bite out of school fundraiser (h/t Drudge) has me steaming, and I mean steaming.

The Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health has decreed that as of August 1, 2012, bake sales are banned from public schools because of “nutrition standards.”  Since when does a taxpayer-funded Govt. entity have the right to tell the taxpayer what he/she can eat and not eat.

(photo courtesy tatoosales.com)

Bake sales, (how I remember St. Priscilla’s) are a staple of schools and organizations across America that raise money locally for everything from homeless or animal shelters, to fighting diseases, to sending the high school band to play in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.  Bake sales are similar to the right-of-passage that we go through, akin to the family vacations in the SUV/family car, where Dad drives non-stop to each pinpoint on the map on the way to the Dells, the Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore, or Lookout Mountain.  Whether we actually devour our purchase, give it to the dog, or toss it into the recyclable bin when we think no one’s looking, bake sales are quintessential Americana.

No one is arguing that some Americans have trended to be more on the, let’s say, “endowed” side.  However, government banning bake sales is just another form of nanny state intrusion into our lives.  Government knows what’s best for Julia,  because Julia can’t take care of herself.  At the same time, all of you business owners who own restaurants, catering and food service companies, how about practicing some portion control?  Do we really need overflowing plates of food? Are you not contributing to the problem, which in turn, has now resulted in more government intrusion into our lives and your businesses?

So for the moment, the “Rule” stands, but for how long?  Will people who send their children to public schools say, “enough” and protest this Rule into oblivion and repeal, or will they follow like lemmings until one day they wake up and find they’ve become …. Julia.