The Florida Republican Debate - Reality TV goes Political

Yesterday, January 26th, the Senate voted 44-52 to block a motion to disapprove the debt-limit increase, which the House passed overwhelmingly last week.  By the end of the year, our national debt will hit $16.39 trillion.  It was also the day on which the second and last Florida Republican Presidential primary debate was held.

In my opinion, Tuesday evening was not a serious debate about “issues of the day”, but rather more like a political reality TV show.  I watched the debate along with probably a few million other people, and we were treated to lunar moon colonies by 2020, do you know what stock is in YOUR mutual fund, why would your wife make the best first lady (or something to that effect), you’re not a conservative – oh yes I am, plus additional Punch & Judy style bouquets and brickbats leveled by the candidates at one another, about stuff and nonsense intended to influence us about the character of each.  They succeeded.

Not one question was asked about

  • the President’s State of the Union address
  • the national debt debacle
  • what the candidates would replace Obamacare with if it was repealed
  • how to boost the housing recovery
  • what to do about Egypt not allowing Americans to leave the country, or
  • what’s next for the Keystone XL or our energy policy.

Get the picture?  And it only took me about 20 seconds to come up with those questions.

We have had so many Republican presidential debates that the forum which was once used for a spirited discussion of opinions and policy has instead become an arena for the politics of personal destruction, and we’re the Romans watching the Christians and the lions.

The national MSM moderators are aiding and abetting the marginalizing of the opposition candidates to President Obama by,  let’s call them what they are, stupid questions.  The Republican National Committee is helping in the trivialization by the number of debates, and the Establishment through nihilism.

I’m one voter who’s had enough with these debate theatrics and nyah-nyah questions and answers.  The November election is the most important election in a generation about the course our country will take.  If future debate discourse continues down the same path, the President will have a cake walk to the election.  And the Republicans will provide the icing.  For shame.