The Republican Establishment Haunts Newt: the Dangers of Political Payback

Like many people who comprise the Republican voting base, I do not know Newt personally.  We only know what we’ve read, heard, and recently seen in the debates.  The twice resurgence of Newt during this primary season can either be attributed to the adage, America loves an underdog, or, as mentioned in another post, he articulates the scars of life, which most Americans have experienced in one way or another.

Now that the Romney campaign has run into trouble, (or one can say, it always was in trouble, only now that trouble has surfaced nationally), we’re witness to the accompanying histrionics of the Establishment and some members of the MSM.  From the recent article by Elliott Abrams in the National Review, Newt spoke openly and disparagingly about Ronald Reagan many times, especially with regard to the fall of the Soviet Union.

We then have the Editor-in-Chief of The American Spectator also weighing in on “Newt the Huckster”, a Republican Bill Clinton without the charm, in his latest commentary.  And Ann Coulter was practically unhinged Monday night in her interview with Bill O’Reilly.

So what’s a gal who’s middle class, midwest, middle-of-the-road, conservative to moderate Republican supposed to think?  Is Newt really the mercurial  Jekyll/Hyde personality, who will self-destruct and take the Party down with him, therefore, the Republican establishment believes its their honor-bound duty to save us base voters from ourselves before we do the unthinkable?  Or, is Newt being vehemently denounced as political payback for his opposition to a tax increase in the deal that Bush 41 put together with the Democrats — that same deal that cost George HW re-election?  Further, are any of Newt’s similarly deemed egregious actions, any worse than McCain’s role in the “Keating Five” scandal years ago, or Tom Delay and his campaign finance problems.

While pundits and strategists say it’s “just politics”, or we’re “vetting the candidates,” “this is nothing compared to what Obama’s machine will unleash,” sitting out here in the Midwest, it appears the Establishment is already doing the Obama campaign’s dirty work for them.  The invective being hurled back and forth between campaigns will not “steel” either Newt or Romney for winner’s battle against Obama, but merely serves as the beginning of the long cementing process of opinion among voters.

I sit here in the cold midwest and continue to watch my home value and equity plummet, gasoline prices rise, friends remain unemployed.  Yet, the politics of personal destruction continue to take precedence over the politics of getting this country back on the right track.      And voters are watching and listening.

So as the Establishment continues to haunt Newt on the campaign trail, they should be careful that they’re not haunted by Newt on November 6.