ABC News' Pathetic Attempt to Influence SC -- Let the Backlash Begin

It’s rather moribund to watch a once fabled news organization become a shell of  its former self.  The decision by network brass to leak excerpts of its interview with Newt Gingrich’s embittered former wife #2, and its airing of the interview on Nightline, leaves no doubt in this viewer’s/voter’s mind that muckraking has become their cause celebre.

I’m sure, that they’re sure, it’s their duty as a news organization to keep the public informed.  We even read on Drudge about the “internal debate about the ethics” of airing the interview.  Seriously. We’re not fools.  We’ve already witnessed the blatant partisanship exhibited by their two moderators (note, I do not call them journalists, not even Diane qualifies for that anymore) in the ABC sponsored debate.  And now this latest volley.  Newt must really have the MSM a tad worried, ya think?  But more importantly, will the voters buy into whatever is spewed throughout the day.

All of us on Red State know Newt’s baggage and his flaws–an ego for one, hubris for another, not to mention a underlying temper (Bain) which always has the potential to affect his decision-making.  But I think Newt, for the most part, has turned his life around, and should be taken very seriously as an alternative to Mitt’ns.

Rick Perry, who is leaving the race officially, is an honorable man with a stellar record as governor.  And because he is a man of honor, I cannot help but wonder that one of the unspoken truths that he’s leaving the race, today, is because he realizes that if the anti-Romney forces are to pull an upset in SC, Newt has the best chance against Mitt, and therefore, he’ll try to blunt any attempt by ABC to interfere with outcome.

From my perspective, Marianne Gingrich may be just what Newt needs at this moment.  May the backlash begin.