An open letter to Governor Rick Perry

I first saw you, Governor, on Greta van Susteren’s show when you did a segment on illegal  immigration.  You were relaxed, articulate as you discussed the issues with her flying in a helicopter over the Texas/Mexico border.  You caused me to sit up in my chair and say, “WOW”.  That’s when I initially entered your corner and couldn’t wait for you to make the decision to run for the Republican nomination.

With the exception of the last two debates, no one needs to point out to you that you left a lot of chips on the poker table.  I’ve often wondered if your heart was really in the run, but I never doubted your intent was good.  You have a significant record of accomplishment as Governor, but somehow you’ve not yet fully made your case to the American people.

The main stream media has not helped you.  Your “oops” moment, at least for me, was just that.  What was the big deal, until the moderator wouldn’t let go, until embarrassment was total, but you handled it with grace and humor.

But down to the nuts and bolts.  I don’t know if you can still pull this out, but as “Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher said to George HW, “now is not the time to go wobbly.”  My advice:  talk to me.  Talk to me and millions of other voters out there, as you would talk to your best friend.  As you talked to Greta in that helicopter.  Stand in front of the camera and talk to it as if you were talking to one individual person.  That’s how you connect.

Give a face to each issue.  Don’t just tell me why you want to eliminate three Cabinet positions, but tell me what the consequences are if we do not.  Don’t just tell me how you created jobs in Texas, but tell me why what worked in Texas can work in Illinois or Ohio or Wyoming.

What’s going to win the 2012 Presidential election for the Republicans is a candidate who not only has a vision for America, but can articulate that vision from his heart, because that’s where his belief in the America comes from.   To paraphrase Newt Gringich, whoever delivers the boldest contrast to Barack Obama can win the election.  That person can be you.