The AxelPlouffe Campaign Strategy - Tie Rep. Candidates to a Do Nothing Congress

As the Obama campaign plans to insert itself into all things Republican, the recess appointments of Cordray and the NLRB are the tip of the iceberg.   The strategy as described in this NY Times article, Obama Testing 2-Tier Strategy for Re-election:

Just three hours after President Obama announced that he was defying Congressional Republicans to fill a high-level regulatory position while lawmakers were out of town, Mitt Romney sent out the obligatory news release ripping the president. “Chicago-style politics at its worst,” Mr. Romney fumed, accusing the president of “circumventing Congress.”

The statement was just what the White House wanted. It put the Republican presidential front-runner squarely on the side of the Republicans in Congress, a group with toxic poll numbers that the president’s campaign hopes will hurt his rivals for the White House.

Question becomes, do we continue to play into his hands, or do we have our own version of Axelrod waiting in the wings.   Ommm….channeling Lee Atwater.