Cordray, NLRB Appts. = Obama's Salvo #1 in the 2012 Campaign

So there’s an end run around the Senate by Obama for the “recess” appointments of Cordray and three NLRB members.  According to a piece in the LA Times, Reid gave Obama his blessing, so don’t expect any, or if there’s hope, some Democratic Senators to join Republicans in voicing disapproval.  The Cordray appointment was made in the Summer of 2011, when Elizabeth Warren went down in flames, leaving the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau (CPFB) leaderless since its creation last July, and unable to make/enforce any rules/regs on behalf of consumers.  Do you sense the carefully crafted, Trumanesque-themed campaign strategy of slowly building, stirring “populist” outrage?

The recess appointments are only the first salvo in the fight for White House.  Axelrod is a master craftsman, and we’ve already been treated to the “25% man”.  And now we have the President’s personna returning to his former community activist of “fighting for you”.

The payroll tax debacle, the recess appointments are the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  The Republicans are being out-gunned, strategically and tactically.   In my not so humble opinion, the Republicans, as a whole, have lacked a solid, cohesive, on the offensive communications strategy that’s grounded in 2012 and reaches out to the average American.  They’re still communicating and running campaigns like it was 2000.   The response by McConnell and Boehner to the Cordray end-run was same-ol’, same-ol’.  McConnell is poster child for the Democrats to use for their obstructionist Republican theme.

Whose the Republican equivalent of Axelrod?  Do we have one?