Channelling Lee Atwater .... ommmm

Obama reading the tea leaves?  Obama Campaign Chiefs Meet Quietly with Clinton in Harlem spells the realization by AxelPlouffe that they are in deep kimchee.

What most interested the Obama team were Clinton’s insights on heartland voting blocs that remain in the political middle: not the Republican-leaning independents who always end up voting for the GOP nominee, but the truly uncommitted who largely ended up supporting Obama in 2008.

Remember grand poobah Richard J. “I stole the election for JFK” Daley?  Heh, heh, the 2012 election is shaping up to be an election brawl for the ages.  And for all those voters who say “I can’t stand negative, dirty politics”, we know that at home, on the sofa or Lazy-Boy, they’ll be lapping it up. 

There have been quite a few posts on this site the last few days about Republican candidate messaging and lack there of.   The Republicans haven’t owned a national argument — whether Obamacare, Mediscare, the battle over the debt limit, millionaire/billionaire taxes — since they were elected in 2010.  Instead of taking a page out of the Clinton playbook and answering every attack within 24 hours, they’re a disjointed mess. 

At some point the gloves are going to have to come off.  If the Republicans are serious about fielding a candidate who can beat Obama, (and that means laying the groundwork starting NOW!) then they can begin with the debates.  Choose a pollster and winnow down the debates to the top 4 polling at the moment.  Instead of the “you have 1 minute to answer and 30 seconds…..) give the candidates a real chance to answer serious questions. 

We are going to need every frickin’ second to plot and execute strategy (and that means courting the independents) if Obama is to be a one term president.  And from this blogger’s perspective, sometimes it’s not going to be pretty.   We need to beat Axelrod et al at their own game.  Do we have anyone who can do that?  Remember, what James Malone said to Eliot Ness, “what are you prepared to do?”