Perry gaffe ... one more short take

Rick Perry made a big-time gaffe last night on the CNBC debate.  So?

Perry’s debate skills are keeping him from returning to Tier 1 candidate status.  Oh?

Do you think last night’s debate will hurt him long term?  No.

Do you think he should just pack it in and return to Texas?  H–l, NO!

But what I do think is that we witnessed one of the worst debate moderator panels to date.  Combative and downright rude.  Perry actually handled the gaffe pretty well with humor and spontaneity, and it could have ended right after the EPA comment, but the whatshisname? moderator was intent on adding to the embarrassment quotient.

While I’m on file lately as leaning Newt, if it were Perry v. Obama on the 2012 debate stage, the contrast would be remarkable, and ya know, I think we’d all be in for a pleasant surprise.