Re-electing Obama - The Axelrod Roadmap

On July 9, I posted, Reality Check – Obama Can Win Re-election at my other non-Redstate blog.  In this post, I mentioned a number of key strengths Obama had that could propel him to victory, the first being, the Chicago machine.

Strength #1:  Chicago Machine-style politics — gloves-off, “they bring a knife, we bring a gun” that will prove brutal for any of the Republican candidates.

Despite the latest inane remark by David Plouffe (and I hope he makes more of them), I go back to the Kevin Costner/Sean Connery church  scene in The Untouchables, where Costner’s character, Elliott Ness, is trying to recruit the old, street smart, ready to retire cop, in his fight against Al Capone.  Sean Connery asks, “what are you prepared to do?”  The 2012 campaign is going to be all out war, and the candidate who accepts that fact and responds accordingly will be in the best position to defeat Obama.

In this morning’s Politico appears this article, Obama Plan:  Destroy Romney, where Messrs. Axelrod and Giangreco, Obama’s chief campaign strategist and a Democratic consultant, respectively, confirm that Chicago-style machine politics is alive and well.  Since Obama will not be able to run on his record barring a miracle, then the only other option is opponent destruction, as in create enough doubt through character assassination, mix in some Tea Party “extremism”, and people will choose the devil that they do know, rather than the devil that they don’t.

When Axelrod and company really get rolling, personally, I have my doubts whether Romney, if he is the nominee, will withstand the onslaught.  For every person who says this election is about the economy and jobs, don’t be naive.

We, who read, comment, and post in RedState among other blogs and websites, are actively involved in seeing Obama defeated in 2012 because we understand what his re-election means for the future of  America.  The debt ceiling crisis and the S&P downgrade woke up another percentage of the American electorate who are starting to pay attention, but  there is still a significant number of voters who are easily scared and/or swayed.  Axelrod understands this only too well, hence, the targeting of this group and the Tea Party “extremist” rhetoric being ratcheted up, as we have already witnessed with the blame game on last Sunday’s morning talk shows.  If this label is allowed to stick, then Obama’s half-way to re-election.