Marxist Theory and Communist Reality Come Face to Face in Ukraine

A Marxist theorist and Communist realist are head to head in the battle for the once Soviet controlled Ukraine. When this is over, one leader will triumph, another skulk away. The differences between Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama and their ability to lead will be more blatantly obvious as this crisis wears on.

With Russian troops reportedly in Crimea, Obama has once again and laughingly taken the step of drawing another red line with a warning. As he was with Syria, he’s full of bluster, but no substance. Against Putin, he is a poor adversary; he agrees with Putin theoretically, but is head of a country that is diametrically opposed to everything Putin stands for.

Obama’s promise to ” fundamentally transform America” is advancing and he’s having great success in weakening this country, The promise has been fulfilled in education with Common Core,  socially with changes in the law toward marriage and attacks on Christianity; one of the cornerstones of this country.  And with the proposed military cuts, sending this country back to a pre-WWII readiness increases the odds of attacks on our assets. Considering the technological advances in weaponry and delivery systems through the decades that makes it even a more dangerous proposal. The mission of our intelligence community is also adversely affected due to Snowden’s  treasonous activities and the infiltration of the progressives. And because of our weakened state, we are more of a target for terrorism and conflicts with other nations.

With the advance of Russian troops on sovereign soil of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has shown his cards and is positioning himself to be the premier world leader in this struggle for Ukraine. Did anyone doubt that he would take this step as the riots put a strain on the Ukrainian people, military and law enforcement?

Putin is no coward.  His rise to the top consisted of hard work up through the ranks of the KGB, and other areas of the Russian government.  He is determined to re-establish the Soviet Union, but a better equipped Soviet Union, superior to the former one. The new country will be more economically, militarily and socially advanced than the previous one. Putin has learned not to repeat the mistakes of his predecessors who eschewed all free market tactics. He’s learned to use capitalism to further Communist ideals and goals.  He’ll give in a little, so Russian citizens can say they have more independence but he’ll never let go of the reins. His economic policies have enabled capitalism but only to the extent of assisting in enabling his agenda. His experience as former Federal Security Service (FSB) head and former KGB officer has prepared him for this type of conflict. He’s single minded in his goals, ruthless, very intelligent and dangerous. He can make the tough decisions, stand by them and doesn’t have to rely on others to do it.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, has been coddled and spoon-fed Marxist Theory throughout his life. He never had to work for anything he has acquired, including the Presidency. His only claim to fame is that of a Community Organizer, which was basically gathering those malcontents who are welfare born and bred or college students who have either had a bad lot in life and haven’t gotten over it or those who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths and have a great deal of guilt over their good fortune.  He’s skated his way through his life and is not knowledgable of American history, world history, economics or even how the American government is supposed to work. His main objective in getting elected was to bring it down the path to a perfect Marxist nation. No real world experience for Barack Obama: he’s the pampered Marxist theorist. He didn’t come up through the school of hard knocks; he has no work ethic or executive experience. He can’t make the tough decisions; it appears someone else does it for him.

Ukraine is going to be a test for both leaders. This is being played out on the world stage; both our allies and enemies will be watching.  They’ll watch to see who shows leadership, who backs down, who shows decisiveness, who shows hesitation. If we falter, if we show weakness against Putin, we will lose whatever confidence the rest of allies had in us, and will show our enemies our soft underbelly, ripe for destruction. This is probably a tipping point also for a new Cold War between America and Russia.

But the reality is: Barack Obama doesn’t care about Ukraine.  He cares nothing about their history under Soviet rule and the horrors they faced during WWII . He’ll act as if he cares. You’ll see him bluster and huff and puff in front of the cameras and for the world but he won’t really prevent Putin from retaking Ukraine.. Because his mission is not to deter Communism throughout the world. And he couldn’t give a damn how our longtime allies view this conflict.

So, Putin wins, our republic loses and Barack Obama climbs another step in ‘transforming America.’

In the end: they both win.