Is it Time to Take the GOP Off Life Support?

This may not be very welcome on Red State in some corners, but I think this must be said. . You draw your own conclusions.

When something in your life, for example: clothing, wears out to the point you can’t walk in public and be considered decently clothed or a car is beyond repair, you replace it, and throw out the old one, right? I do. It’s the natural order of life. Old things go into the waste can, new things take its place.

Many times it’s the same with relationships. Sometimes you have to let them go, for your own well-being as well as the other person’s. Again, it’s the natural order of life.

So I believe it’s time to let go of another relationship. The one that we Conservatives have with the Republican Party.

Realistically, the GOP no longer is keeping alive the basic tenets and beliefs of the Constitution. They have assisted the present administration, by their silence, inaction and boot licking, in destroying this country. And they are no longer following the basic tenets of what the party is supposed to stand for.

It’s floundering and has been for a while. The only reason  it has stayed alive for so long is due to our efforts, money and most importantly: votes. Conservatives have been the lifeblood of this party for decades.  Why are we continually pumping our blood into the veins of a decrepit, diseased establishment and propping up its leadership? What are we getting out of it? Anyone…?

How are our efforts in preserving this party helping America to stay intact as a republic?  They’re not. Our efforts are enabling the GOP to keep power and that is all.   By supporting the GOP in its present state we are assisting in the demise of this country. America is hanging by a thread. And yet, the GOP is not worried about this country, they’re just worried about staying in power. Their efforts, especially in the past 6 years are ample evidence of that.

GOP elites have shown their intense dislike for us, insulted us, made fun of our ideals, our love of this country and its founding principles. Over roughly the past 20 years, many Americans who believe in the Constitution, the separation of powers, checks and balances and the rule of law have had to deal with GOP politicians that don’t.  We have been lied to, scolded, made fun of, denigrated on news talk shows. We’ve basically taken on the role of the ugly stepsister. Not useful in public, but damn, we need her when the kitchen or bathroom needs cleaning.

Since Ronald Reagan left office the Republican Party has been beating on us ever since. With the support of the GOP for the likes of Ford, (over Reagan), Dole, both Bushes, McCain, and Romney they’ve shown their lack of respect for us and our efforts.

Present day efforts by the GOP show an even more intense dislike of us. The leadership, headed by Reince Priebus, along with the US Chamber of Commerce are working hard to rid the party of Conservative candidates who are not on board with their immigration goals, in other words: amnesty. We want the immigration laws to be followed.. they don’t.

Karl Rove’s ‘Conservative Victory Project’ (not a conservative in the bunch) is also working hard to ensure that the primaries are filled with the establishment GOP lackeys and by G-d keep out those Conservatives. They’re bad for the party, uh, country.

But once the primaries roll around, they have to roll out the ugly stepsister, don’t you know. Signs have to be carried, the crowds have to be large, and people are needed to gush and smile for the cameras for the favored elite GOP candidate. Heaven knows, they can’t dirty their hands to do those menial tasks. So, bring out the conservatives.

But they have to give us something. So we’ll hear conservative talk from the likes of  John McCain during his last re-election bid when he promised to get tough on illegal immigration. We know how well that turned out, don’t we? And remember: some of the candidates that ran with Tea Party backing were elected and lost their backbone once they got to DC. My own state: NH ‘s GOP Senator Kelly Ayotte is one of those people. Once she arrived in DC she went RINO . Her latest verbal piece of gold is to urge the GOP to take up immigration reform in spite of a ‘trust deficit’ with Obama. (in other words: he’s a liar)

So, here we are: continually propping up the GOP year after year. And year after year we get dumped on. We’re thrown bits of conservatives platitudes to garner our money, hard work, time, participation for meet and greets, rallies and most importantly: our vote. The one thing that will keep them in power.  John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and the GOP Chairman, Reince Priebus are more interested in keeping their power by keeping conservatives in the shadows, and only bringing us out when they need our vote.  Instead of defending the Constitution as they vowed they would, they assist in tearing it into pieces.

Barack Obama has continually gone around the checks and balances portion of the Constitution, and instead of three equal branches of Government, he has “a pen and a phone” and is ruling  governing by executive fiat. Republicans do nothing. From gun control changes to immigration laws by way of the Dream Act, increasing the minimum wage, Barack Obama signs executive orders, and they do nothing. He changes Obamacare and they do nothing; even though the President cannot change a law.  The latest example of idiocy by the leadership is the ‘clean debt ceiling limit bill’. Just when you thought Boehner and the rest of the GOP leadership couldn’t foul things up anymore..they prove you wrong.

The GOP has lost donors; more people are leaving the ranks and registering as Independents or Conservatives, depending on your state’s choices. Four million people stayed home during the 2012 Presidential election, because they didn’t feel Romney was the right candidate.

Many times we’ve told the GOP we didn’t want the moderate candidates they put up for election. We’re told to shut up and vote. Rumors are Jeb Bush or Chris Christie (if he can get through the GW Bridge fiasco) are the top picks for 2016. So, here we go again. The cycle continues. And we’ll be expected to vote.

The Grand Old Party is on its way out.  It’s obsolete. It no longer struts; it lumbers.  It walks around with its head down and tail between its legs.

I believe it will be easier to either start a new party or take from the ashes what’s left of the GOP. But it has to die first. Many people have said a third party is not the way to go; it will siphon off votes from the GOP and a Democrat will be elected. Well, if there is no GOP, how can that happen? Maybe it’s time we started thinking long, hard and very seriously about cutting ties. If we pull funding, our time and effort and just do: nothing. Don’t say anything, just do nothing. Be mute, turn away. Pull back. Sounds radical, but what else is there? I’m tired of supporting losers and traitors.

I believe in this country, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as many of you do. But by backing the GOP in its present state, with its spineless so-called leaders, and those who have done nothing during their long careers of “public service”  but build a large nest egg off our backs, we’re not helping to preserve America. In reality we’re actually assisting the Democrats to destroy it.  Using our votes  to put a politician in office with the GOP label has become a crapshoot for this country.

It’s time for the present-day GOP to go a quiet death. Pull the plug. And may it rest in peace.