Snowden: Putin's Newest BF...Well..Until He's Not

The traitor to our country and NSA, Edward Snowden, is now making the rounds of the major Communist countries; China and Russia, with either Ecuador or Venezuela or possibly Cuba being a final destination. Who knows, it may be someplace no one ever thought about.

For all of you who labeled him a hero, I must excuse your ignorance on national security issues. If you haven’t worked in the intelligence community, you have no idea the damage that this sniveling coward has done to the intelligence community’s efforts and endangered your life and those of your loved ones.. When both the Russian and Chinese governments are sheltering him, he must have a mother lode of information.

When he initially left the United States, his exodus to Hong Kong was labeled by those sympathetic to him as a hero fleeing possible torment by this government. But, why to Hong Kong, controlled by the Chinese? If he had indeed been a true NSA whistleblower, such as Bill Binnie, Russ Tice or Tom Drake..(they’re racking up, aren’t they?)….he would still be in the US. While I don’t condone the actions of the three named, I have to give them their due for not running away.

While in Hong Kong, no doubt visited and interrogated by Chinese intelligence, he is now as of this writing, in Moscow, where he will be similarly interrogated. These are not the actions of a whistleblower, but of one who is not only sympathetic to Communist countries but may well be working for an organization who is friendly to one or both of these countries. Whatever the real reason is for his defection, the United States doesn’t fare well under any circumstance.

The damage to our intelligence community and national security is immeasurable. The only thing we have gleaned from this is our security policy is lacking: miserably. Unfortunately, we’ll be paying a heavy price.

Our defense department and intelligence community, thanks to the efforts of the Obama administration are already weakened. Thanks to the politically correct programs enacted: women in combat, revocation of  ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ , attacks on religious freedom, restrictions on engaging the enemy in combat, and so on..we’re on very shaky ground.

Snowden was obviously working with someone else; he had to have help, considering the path he took to our enemies. He probably would have given the information to the Taliban if he wasn’t scared they might kill him just for the heck of it using religious grounds as a reason.

His visit to Moscow is especially troubling. Vladimir Putin at this point is the only leader in the world that actually acts like one. Obama certainly doesn’t; he’s too busy bowing and scraping to every other leader in the world. Putin is taking full advantage of our latest intelligence fiasco; whether or not his government had a hand in the operation still remains to be seen.

However, in his quest to bring back a better, more powerful Soviet Union, he will take all he can get from any Y Generationer who is more interested in himself and not the larger picture. By taking in Snowden, Putin is telling us that he is smarter than we are, more powerful and our days as a superpower are limited.

Vladimir Putin was affected deeply by the break-up of the Soviet Union. It was the United States who brought his country to its knees and it has eaten at him. He’s the type of man that holds a grudge. His work in the KGB and then as head of the same under the new name: Federal Security Service (FSB) demonstrates that this man is devoted to the Marxist/Russian Communist theology.

His mission to widen the influence of Russia throughout the world is in full force. There are new oil and gas supply agreements with countries throughout Europe, and supplying Japan with gas from Sakhalin Island.  New military cooperation agreements with not only old Soviet republics and the Mid-East but widening into South and Central America put us into a secondary player role. These military cooperation agreements include not just weapons, aircraft and naval vessels, but in some cases, Russian military personnel.

This man is no fool. He is cold and calculating. By allowing Snowden into Russia, he is not only getting his hands on some very important intelligence information, he will use whatever he can to bring us to our knees, not only in our national security, but anyway he can. He is thumbing his nose at us and enjoying every minute of it. Snowden may be welcomed right now, but when he can no longer give continued valuable information, he’ll be discarded.

But by that time, the damage is done to our country.

This country must get serious about its national security. We must stop using our defense depaartment and military as a venue for implementing social policy. Security clearances must be tightened, investigations of candidates for clearances must be more thorough. There must be concerted effort throughout DOD as a whole; not just NSA.

Of course, you also must have an administration that is serious about our national security.

And the Snowden affair is what you get when you don’t have one.


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