Gay New Yorkers One Step Closer to Becoming Straight

from PoliticalPyro: Gay New Yorkers One Step Closer to Becoming Straight


Gay marriage has been legalized in New York. OK fine.

Does this diminish the straight marriages that have existed there for over 200 years? No. But does this “landmark legislation” in any way propel gay people in New York into “normal” status.

Sadly, no.

And there is my problem.

Forty years ago, gay rights advocates were simply promoting an “equal” life meaning: not getting bashed in the head, spit upon, or hanged from the highest gallows for simply walking down the street. Those early advocates, like Dr. Martin Luther King with black rights, actually had a valid point and a good cause. Today, in 2011, “gay rights advocates” have simply run out of ammunition. They keep fighting for a cause when there is no longer a cause to fight for. It’s instinctual. The checkered past of this country has been corrected, long ago, and that absolutely befuddles them.

It reminds me of General George Patton, an absolute one-man war machine, whose entire existence was born to destroy the enemy. Like a plastic wind-up toy found in a Happy Meal long before it became a choking hazard or encouraged childhood obesity, simply wind him up, set him on the table and watch him do his thing. When he runs out of juice, wind him up again. Repeat as necessary.

“Gay Rights” in itself is a joke of a term simply because gay people, like all minorities, actually have more laws on the books protecting them than, say, Sean Hannity – a straight, white, male Christian conservative.

Few people are actually against lawfully acknowledging the union of gay couples. In fact, treating gay people as anything less than equal citizens actually undermines the notion that we live in a free country. But to allow them “gay marriage” as opposed to the absolutely equal “gay union” is not only an issue of copyright infringement, but a crisis of identity.

It seems gay people are not content with living next door to their straight neighbors in a symbol of equality. They want to move in with them, change their names, take over the kids’ bedroom, sit at the dinner table, carve the turkey, and smoke a pipe next to Fido.

My argument is simply this: “Gay Rights” today has turned the corner onto an unhealthy dead end road of “equality” that ultimately ends at the moment they, despite fighting for the cause and winning the battle, wake up one morning and realize they just aren’t straight. Nor should they want to be.

In New York they celebrate. Good for them. Let’s just see where the plastic wind-up toy marches to next.