John McCain drops the ball

As noted in this article from Fox News McCain on Leno John McCain counters the claims that Sarah Palin was a drag on the ticket……and thats where he stopped. Sen. McCain should have and could have done so much more.
For a man that had no trouble jumping all over people within his own campaign whenever a jab was taken at Sen. Obama (legitimate ones by the way), his performance on Leno last night was a disgrace. Why did he choose to not take the opportunity to squash the irresponsible Palin bashing going on? Are people within the Republican Party (I believe that’s what we can call McCain campaign workers) that blind? Sarah Palin is a young, driving force within this Party. Look at the crowds she drew everywhere she went. Perhaps that is part of the issue for Mr. McCain but I do not believe it is. Truthfully this is standard John McCain, rise above the bickering fair. What we are seeing is the moderate wing of our Party attacking the first legitimate person we have had in the national spotlight that was a true conservative. It has been a looooong time since we have seen a true conservative with a backbone. Sorry Sen. McCain but obviously the conservative base does not want a Maverick. We want a candidate that campaigns for and stands for true conservatism. Reaching across the aisle does not mean unconditional conformance to liberal viewpoints. This is not cooperation, this is called giving up what you believe in. Starting today the conservative movement within our Party will stand this no longer. How many out there are willing to join me? We must find true conservative candidates to lead us into the future. Sarah Palin being the first. Sarah if you run in 2012 we will vote for you. Thankfully you will not have to worry about John McCain being a drag on your ticket.