A Little Catholic Hope

Finally the US Bishops get a backbone!!! After the last few years of bending to the Left and not taking a stand on abortion the US Catholic bishops are going to get it right. Also note my Gov. Sebelius comes up again. For more info see my entry from yesterday. Catholics Bishops Vow to Confront Obama. Its about time. As far as I am concerned being pro-choice and Catholic is an unacceptable oxymoron. The Church clearly states its stance so if you do not agree he’s a grand idea……find another denomination. This is really going to mark the tone of this administrations relationship with the Church. And to add insult to injury for Team Obama the Vatican stepped in on stem cell research Vatican Fires Warning ShotOf course as arrogant as “The Messiah” is I assume Obama will expect the Pope to kiss *his *ring at their first meeting!!