Kathleen Sebelius and FOCA

Granted we do know full well what President-elect Obama’s stance on abortion is but if the following comes to pass hold on to your hats. Kathleen Sebelius is being considered to head up the Dept. of Health and Human Services. For those of you who do not know Kathleen Sebelius is currently governor of Kansas. She is an EXTREME pro-abortion advocate who also happens to be Catholic. In saying that, she would add her to name to a long list of Democratic Catholics who hold the same stance. I could use an entire post up on just this topic (which I plan on doing at some point in the future) but suffice it to say…..Kathleen, despite what Nancy Pelosi says the Catholic Church does not advocate abortions thus your stance is sinful….read the Cathocism, you might learn something. Her stance is so extreme that the Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City in May 2008 advised her and announced publicly that she should stop receiving communion. His decision was made after numerous efforts by himself to show her the errors of her ways. Reference this article on the American Papist for more details.Kansas City Arch Bishops Bars Pro Abortion

One of the vast responsibilities of the Dept. of Health and Human Services is setting the tone on the government’s stance on abortion. One of the Directors tasks in an Obama administration would be to walk FOCA through Congress. FOCA stands for the Freedom of Choice Act. This bill was first drafted on April of 2007 over-rides every measure put in place by President Bush to ensure the right to life. Up to this point the Democratic Congress did not bother to push it through because President Bush promised to veto the bill. The Senate currently does not have enough votes to overturn a Presidential veto. Aside from promoting a culture of death this bill also provides tax payer moneys to fund these abortions.

Co-sponsors of the bill are all Democrats with 2 Independants thrown in for good measure (for clarities sake Independent is a fancy word for Democrat). They include Barbara Boxer (D-California), Joseph Lieberman (I-Connecticut), Barack Obama (than D-Illinois), and John Kerry (D-Massachusets). A full list can be seen hereFOCA Bill Authors

My question is where is the government funding for me when my wife and I choose to have a baby???????