I did not leave the Party. The Party left me.

(Xpost with revisions from a comment on an article, but my commentary is too important not to share.)

My husband always held Newt and Karl in high regards.  He spoke of them as the last true conservatives of the party who had the intelligence to direct the party in the right direction.  I bought Newt’s book and had it signed.  I read it and agreed that he was one of the more upstanding members of the party.  Karl started to impress me this year with his opinions and strong conservative values.

Now, I have been let down.  After Gingrich and Rove threw their support toward a Republican RINO in New York, we were literally in shock.  My husband and I both hoped that this was some kind of lie by the left to make us shy away from the GOP.  Unfortunately, it is not.

I see now that the last true conservatives have been corrupted and that they play ‘politics as usual’ just like the rest of them.  At a time when my loyalty was already teetering with the republican party, Newt and Karl have caused me to lose all trust with the GOP.  Good job guys.

You know, I donated over $250 to McCain and the GOP when Palin joined the ticket, and (against my husbands wishes) I bought so many pro-McCain t shirts that I could not count them all.  I became involved in politics like never before.  I attended rallys and started my own political opinion blog.  All of that effort only to have the GOP smash my loyalty into a million tiny little pieces.

I was just starting to pick up those pieces and trust the republicans again, mostly because the socialist nightmare that obama has been.  I was looking toward the GOP as some sort of savior, and I have been ripped to shreds again.

Not only was there NOT one bit of outrage against Olympia Snowe, but Karl and Newt go out and support this rino over a true conservative that voters could, and WILL wrap their hope around.  We will donate to his campaign and show our support with or without the Gingrich/Rove powerhouse endorsement.

I keep asking myself why this self defeating decision is still being clung to by the GOP.  Why are they seeing voters outrage and not responding?  Are our leaders somehow shielded from what we really think?

Do you still refuse to believe the left’s phony phone campaigns to congress where each liberal individual is paid to make hundreds of fraudulent phone calls are done to skew the vote?  Can you not see these things are nothing more than a lie?  Can you not see the government propaganda when the administration has links to show hundreds of phony support emails on a government web site that ALL TAX PAYERS HAVE TO PAY FOR?  Are you in denial about ACORN’s illegal voting practices to get democrats elected, that still happens today?? Were the Republicans blind & deaf to the 2 million REAL people that marched on Washington in September?  Do you not pay attention to the polls that show the American people are starving for the conservative values to come back to the party?

Please tell me, are you listening to the people or are you listening to the Democrats?

Hey Newt!  HEY Karl!  What is it going to take for you to listen to the conservative majority again?  Please tell me, CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW??

Sorry GOP, but not one red cent of my dwindling money will go to support the RNC again.  That is, unless they can start showing signs they will give up on trying to act like democrats and embrace the true values that made the GOP great.  The values that separate them from the democrats.  Didn’t a great leader once say that when Republican’s run as Democrats they always lose?

Newt and Karl, if you have the intelligence to reverse your decision, I MIGHT consider trusting the GOP again.  Until then, my sincerest apologies, but the party is dead to me.

I know I am not alone in this thought, and many conservatives are leaving the GOP in droves because of this.

Right now I consider myself and independent leaning libertarian, and I will no longer believe the republican lie that voting independent would never win.  I will vote my values and my beliefs of who is the best candidate and suggest others do the the same.   I hope and pray for good republicans like Palin and Bachman to make the bold step to switch parties.  While that might seem radical to you, in today’s socialist climate, nothing seems off the wall any more.

In the words of the last true conservative leader, “I did not leave the party.  The party left me.