Conservative Republicans Engage

America has overwhelmingly rejected liberal/moderate Republicans. We have elected the most left wing President ever and he has a strong enough Congress to basically rubberstamp whatever he wants. I think we know how that is going to go over the two years.

It is time for Republicans to stop reaching out; stop trying for bipartisan results. The Democrats don’t compromise and it’s time for us to start at the grassroots and rebuild our conservative party. If Reaganism is dead, it is because we allowed it to die. It’s time to revive it and get us back to where we need to be.

Over the next two years those of us down here at the grassroot level need to identify the REAL conservatives and work work work to get them elected in 2010. We need another Contract for America and we need another strong leader. Carter begat Reagan and my hope is that an Obama/Pelosi/Reid government will begat our next conservative leader.

We have lost but we have not been defeated and we cannot give up. The country will be ready for us in 2010 and we have to be ready to answer that call.