I Support Rick Perry- Sen. Val Stevens

This is a letter written by state Senator Val Stevens of Washington state which was released last week:

Congratulations Governor Rick Perry on having the highest rating from the Club for Growth Presidential Candidate Economic Plan evaluation! You were at the top of the list. Andy Roth reported on Fox News’ Neil Cavuto that ‘Rick Perry, I think, has one of the best [economic] plans, if not the best plans!’

As a Washington State Senator who has spent nearly twenty years in the legislature, I am aware that we must take our job as public servant seriously, placing the needs of our constituents foremost. We are accountable for each and every decision that we make. Our record must consistently reflect that of the Constitution and the people whom we serve.

I am a fellow believer and Christian who agrees with you on your pro life stand. God is the Author of Life and the Master of our intelligently designed universe. I consider this issue to be paramount. This outlook will influence the other decisions that we make as leaders. De-funding Planned Parenthood in your state and shutting down many abortion clinics in Texas are accomplishments which speak for your strong leadership and should be commended.

Traditional marriage is a concern for every conservative. Under God we are obligated to follow the moral values that our nation was founded upon and without truly following this conviction we will be a nation that shrinks in both greatness and size. We all know that a baby is conceived through one man and one woman–end of story. I understand the negative response of the liberal media and I am truly grateful for your position- despite it’s unpopularity.

Our Second Amendment rights are often misinterpreted or misconstrued by the media and the politically correct agenda. Your direct involvement in protecting our right to bear arms is of utmost importance. Without these rights we are powerless and cannot maintain our Republican form of government.

It is necessary that as Republicans we encourage the right to work. Giving support to Governor Walker of Wisconsin showed many of us that there is a candidate that truly believes in cutting regulation, giving businesses an opportunity to grow yet still understands that it is an individual’s right to make the decision of taking part in a union organization.

The security of our country is critical. America is a country of great freedom and it is imperative that each and every person be here legally and abide by our nation’s laws. We can only be great if we are a nation of legal citizens striving toward the same goal and seeking to honor our Constitution. I have come to respect Sheriff Arpaio and am pleased to see that a man of his conviction has given his endorsement to you.

It’s evident that you have dedicated much time and effort to protecting our country and those who fight our nation’s battles. These heroes deserve recognition and honor— you have given many of these soldiers hope of a bright future and reassurance that America and our way of life will be preserved.

As a presidential candidate who has not offered vague and empty promises, each of us can look at your record and see that you have been triumphant in leading Texas during this great economic crisis. This is something we need for our entire nation!! Each of us could profit from your experience as Governor of the thirteenth largest economy in the world!

Of all the candidates running for president you offer the sharpest contrast to the current Occupant of the White House! Even Michael Reagan claims that you are the most Reaganesque of all the presidential candidates!!

You are my first choice for President and you have my full support…praying that God will bless you in mighty ways!


Senator Val Stevens
Republican District- 39 Washington State