Just A Tea Party Blurb About Meaning - Update

Here is a link to the photos: Atlanta Tea Party Photo Gallery (220 photos)

Honestly, I am surprised that the Tea Parties are still getting some press.  But even when the press does give it a nod it’s liken to the scene in  “Animal Farm” where the horse, Boxer, is being lead into a trailer that reads “Horse Slaughterer and Glue Boiler” but Squealer tells everyone that it was just a mistake because even though that is what it said that’s not what it meant.  

Even though the signes at the Tea Parties focused on Taxation and how Obama’s taxation policy is burdening generations to come some of the media feel that it is their job to inform its viewers that “those right wingers want less taxes so they can oppress the poor some more.”

Too bad the media doesn’t remind everyone that everytime the Government says increase spending….they really mean, ‘increase taxing.”