Gingrich v. Romney- It's On!: PCW Extreme Political TV

PCW Extreme Political TV
North Charleston Arena
North Charleston, SC
Monday January 23rd, 2012
Host: Johnny Suave

From PCW South Carolina Slaughter This Past Saturday Night
[…Kevin Scott hits a Russian legsweep on K-Roy.  Roll up…1…2…


The crowd roars as Palin slides right back out of the ring.  Mitt Romney can’t believe it.  Newt Gingrich gets up on the ring apron and urges K-Roy on…]

[…the crowd stands and let’s out another roar as Chuck Freakin’ Norris hits the ring.  Scott is totally confused by this turn of events.  Norris whirls around and nails a spinning heel kick on Scott and the American Citizen becomes totally unconscious.

Suave: “K-Roy with the cover!”

The referee counts…1…2…3.


Suave notes the buzz in the crowd tonight coming off a memorable PCW South Carolina Slaughter show.   And now it’s on to next Tuesday night’s PCW Tussle in Tallahassee, Florida show.  Can ‘The Massachusetts Redblood’ Mitt Romney (R-MA) rebound from a disappointing loss in South Carolina?  Can Newt Gingrich (R-GA) keep the momentum going?  Can Rick Santorum (R-PA) break through and throw this thing completely wide open?

But first, the national anthem by Steven Tyler…


Suave: “Oh, dear…what were they thinking?”

Romney hit the ring and cut a promo with full guns blazing on Gingrich.  Romney called Gingrich an insider who lobbied for big money clients.

Romney: “In the 15 years after he left Washington D.C., Gingrich worked as an influence peddler for his big money clients.  When I was Governor of Massachusetts, I made Ted Kennedy refinance his house.”

This brought Gingrich out.   He called Romney out on the income tax issue.  Romney shot back that after much reflection and soul searching, he decided to put out two years of tax returns.

Romney: “That’s more than anyone else in this race.”

Romney then fired back about Freddie Mac and called Gingrich a lobbyist.  Gingrich said he wasn’t.  Romney said he was.  Gingrich: “No, I’m not.”  Romney: “Yes you are.”

Rick Santorum (R-PA) and Ron Paul (R-TX) come out and try to get into the conversation.

Gingrich: “No, I’m not.”  Romney: “Yes you are.”  Gingrich: “No, I’m not.”  Romney: “Yes you are.”
Santorum and Paul again try to jump in…

Gingrich: “No, I’m not.”  Romney: “Yes you are.”  Gingrich: “No, I’m not.”  Romney: “Yes you are.”

Gingrich: “Wait a second.  I just read that Romney gave John McCain 23 years worth of tax returns in 2008 when he was a candidate to join the ticket.”

Romney: “And your point?”

Gingrich:  “And McCain ended up choosing Sarah Palin (R-AK) instead?”

Romney: “HEY!”

‘American Citizen’ Kevin Scott (R) w/”The Massachusetts Redblood’ Mitt Romney (R-MA) vs. K-Roy (R) w/Newt Gingrich (R-GA)

Scott comes out and he’s pissed.   Suave says he’s never seen Scott this angry before.  Scott throws K-Roy over the top rope and grabs a chair.  *WHAP*  *WHAP*

Suave: “HOLY CRAP!”

*WHAP*  After the third chairshot, Scott throws the chair at K-Roy and flings him into the steel barricade.  He places K-Roy face up over the barricade and climbs a table…guillotine leg drop!

K-Roy somehow pulls himself up and tries to get away.  Scott grabs him from behind and hits a belly to back suplex on the floor.  Scott then pulls K-Roy up and launches him into the steel steps.  Scott then standing drop kicks K-Roy into the steel steps…

…end of match.  K-Roy is bloodied and barely standing.

Suave: “Scott’s in control.  Will he finish the job tonight?”

The crowd turns to the back.  A familiar face ambles down to the ring.

Suave: “What the hell?  FRED THOMPSON (R-TN)?”

Scott sees Thompson and immediately tries to push him.  Romney tries to get Scott to refocus back on K-Roy.  Scott and Thompson exchange words.  K-Roy pulls himself up…K-BOMB!


Now Scott’s down and woozy.  K-Roy, with help from Fred Thompson, throws Scott back into the ring.  K-Roy rolls in.  Grabs the legs…spins around.  FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK!  Scott’s in trouble…Scott can’t get away…Scott taps!

WINNER: K-Roy @ 11:41

Romney is incredulous.  He can’t believe it.


Ann Coulter To O’Reilly: Newt’s Media Attacks Are ‘Like Jesse Jackson Accusing People Of Racism’

Bob Beckel Stands Up For Newt: ‘I Know From My Own History’ Gingrich Isn’t Racist

Romney: Gingrich didn’t earn millions as historian

Romney says his taxes are entirely legal and fair

The crowd stands and gives Congresswoman Giffords a standing ovation.

Recap- Daniel-San’s (I) PCW Title Defense vs. Valora Salinas (I) from PCW South Carolina Slaughter
After a two minute sequence that saw near-falls by both wrestlers and had the crowd on their feet, John Creese and his Cobra Conservative gang (R) – Johnny, Dutch, Tommy, and Jimmy, made their way to the ring.  Creese and his group entered the ring and it appeared they were going to attack Daniel-San again.  However, Creese sic’d his Cobra Cons on Valora...

Salinas was obliterated by a Crane Kick by Daniel-San that nearly took her head off.  Unconscious on unable to defend herself, Daniel-San slapped on the Labell Lock and the referee called the match.  However, Daniel-San refused to release the hold, even after Mrs. Miyagi pleaded with him to do so.  Creese’s Cobra Cons then annihilated Mrs. Miyagi and left her in a crumpled heap in the ring.

Daniel-San (R) comes out with John Creese and the Cobra Cons and calls Mrs. Miyagi out.  As Creese et all look menacingly on, Daniel-San tells Mrs. Miyagi that he will describe her factor in his success in one word: Failure.  The crowd starts to boo.  Daniel-San says Mrs. Miyagi was a failure of a manager, a failure at managing his career, and a failure as a human being.

Daniel-San: “John Creese has shown me the right path to take.  So as of now, Mrs. Miyagi, you’re fired!”

Again, the crowd boos and debris flood the ring.  Daniel-San calls the audience a bunch of jealous wannabes who’d give anything to be in his position right now.  He now has money, power, and prestige.

Creese gets on the mic and tells Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich that Daniel-San is the new face of the Republicans and they’d be wise to show him the proper respect he deserves.

Creese: “Daniel-San is the Republican’s number one wrestler.  Not ‘American Citizen’ Kevin Scott.  Not that redneck hick, K-Roy.  Daniel-San- the PCW Champion!”

Suave: “Well, this totally sucks.”

The crowd continues to litter the ring with debris.

Charlie Ray Carlson and the Co-Dependents

‘Shut Up and Drink My Beer”

“I’m sitting at a bar stool
They’ve got the TV on
It’s one of those political pundit shows
Who says the other side is wrong
I ask the bartender to change it now
And I make it very clear
I didn’t come in to hear political noise
I came in to drink some beer

“They say the cover of Fox News could be slightly skewed
And MSNBC may have a particular point of view
As for CNN, let me make this crystal clear
I wish they’d all shut up…
And let me drink my beer.
I know y’all claim to be- impartial and fairl
Y’all just need to shut up
And let me drink my beer…..

‎”I already know how bad things are
Because I live it every day
We know the economy’s bad- and jobs are few
And we all have bills to pay
The government prints the money they need
While the rest of us are in arrears
Staying afloat in an ocean of debt
And not enough cash to buy a beer
“They say the cover of Fox News could be slightly skewed
And MSNBC may have a particular point of view
As for CNN, let me make this crystal clear
I wish they’d all shut up…
And let me drink my beer.
I know y’all claim to be- impartial and fairl
Y’all just need to shut up
And let me drink my beer
“Both parties- they’re all the same
They point fingers at each other to blame
For the way things are what they are
I can barely afford to drive my car
Raise a glass for the common man
Who’s only doing the best he can
Raise a middle finger if you’re pissed
And tell the politicians to occupy this
“They say the cover of Fox News could be slightly skewed
And MSNBC may have a particular point of view
As for CNN, let me make this crystal clear
I wish they’d all shut up…
And let me drink my beer.
I know y’all claim to be- impartial and fairl
Y’all just need to shut up
And let me drink my beer
Can’t I sit here in peace and
Just drink my beer.”

Recap: PCW Women’s Champion Valora Salinas (I) vs. Kathryn Randall Collins (D) Match from PCW South Carolina Slaughter
Leader of the PCW Executive Committee Harry Reid (D-NV) and Nancy Pelosi(D-CA) walked out with Democrat wrestler Kathryn Randall Collins.

Reid and Pelosi told the referee to ring the bell for a PCW Women’s title match.  KRC rolled the unconscious Valora over and made the cover.  Reid and Pelosi demanded that the referee make the 3 count.   He does reluctantly and KRC is given the PCW Women’s Title belt as a result.

Collins is in the ring with Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).  Collins says those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  She has been the PCW Women’s champion not one, not two, not three, but now FOUR times.
KRC: “When you forget your place, Valora Salinas, you become irrelevant.  I am the greatest Women’s champion in PCW history for a reason.”

Pelosi congratulates Collins on her win.  She states that the women’s division now has a champion that young women can look up to.  It’s only fitting that the women’s title is now heard by a Democrat because the Democrats are the natural home for women.

Suave: “Apparently, Ann Coulter isn’t a woman.  Or Sarah Palin.”

Pelosi then denounced the Daniel-San switch to the Republicans.  She says the only way that the Republicans can win is by hook or by crook.

Sarah Mae Smith- ‘The American Girl’ (R): “Okay, it’s getting deep in here.  Ms. Pelosi, what do you call what went down when you stole the title from Valora Saturday night?”

Pelosi responds that Smith’s characterization is categorically wrong and besides, “at least, we did it for the right reason.”

Smith climbs into the ring and confronts KRC.  KRC tells her to leave.  Smith slaps her.  And KRC tackles her.


Pelosi tries to pull KRC off of Smith.  ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas (R) runs to the ring and attempts to pull Smith away from KRC.  Mass confusion in the ring as the show ends…