Daniel-San (I) Retains, Merchants of Death (R) Regain Women’s Tag Team Title: PCW Jesusland vs. Progressiveville Report

Before a capacity crowd at Evansville‘s Roberts Arena, Daniel-San (I), backed by Mrs. Miyagi, survived a three-way dance to retain the PCW Title in the main event of PCW’s Jesusland vs. Progressiveville PPV show tonight.

Daniel-San beat back a hard challenge from former champion O’Beck Bahama (D) to hold on to the title.  Bahama nearly had Daniel-San in the Bahama Backbreaker but the champion slipped out in the nick of time.  After sending Bahama into the ropes, Daniel-San nailed a missile drop kick that sent the former champion to the mat.  Daniel-San wasted no time in applying the Cattle Mutilation submission hold to get the win at 17:49.

Bahama eliminated Magnum P.O.’d (R), backed by Newt Gingrich (R-GA), early in the match at the 6:35 mark, stopping Magnum’s run of wins in PCW and sl0wing Gingrich’s momentum as he heads towards PCW’s Drama in Des Moines supershow on January 3rd.

The only title change of the night took place when Republican‘s Merchants of Death (Angel Scott and Angel Casey) regained the PCW Women’s Tag Team title from Kelly and Korey Korver (D) in a tag team three way dance that also included the Mercenaries (Dawn McGill and Svetlana Kovalevski).

Scott and Casey hit the Death Spiral Drop on Kelly Korver at 10:06 to secure the win and the women’s tag team belts just seconds after eliminating the Mercenaries’s McGill using the same finisher.

In the opening match of the night, ‘American Girl’ Sarah Mae Smith (R) reemerged as a legitimate contender to the Women’s title as she defeated Kathryn Randall Collins (D) in a return match for the Women’s #1 contender spot.

The match turned when Democrat activists Women for Women (Code Pink and Emily List) tried to interfere.  Code Pink blinded KRC by mistake with a glitter bomb and then Smith tossed both out of the ring before pinning Collins with a roll up at 9:51 in the match.

After the match, Democrats Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Harry Reid (D-NV) ‘congratulated’ Smith on her win but per PCW CEO Barack Obama’s (D-IL) orders, she would have to defeat  KRC a second time before becoming the Women’s #1 contender.   The rubber match will be held at Drama at Des Moines on January 3rd.

In other results from the PPV show:

Corporate Might: Big Oil and Kirk Walstreit- the Wall Street Market Analyst with the Kirk Herbstreit man crush (R) flexed their corporate muscle and defeated Democrats The California Teacher’s Union (‘Foul Pole’ Andy Golatta and Malibu Dusty) and the team of Charlie Blackwell (American Heartland) and Average Joe (Tea Party)

‘The Alaskan Pitbull’ Sarah Palin (R) vs. Current TV’s Keith Olbermann (D) went to a no contest when the Angry Left Wing Bloggers and the Right Wing Brigadiers hit the ring and turned the match into a free-for-all.

Big Union: ‘The Self Proclaimed Savior of the Middle Class’ Big Labor and James the Jeep Worker (D) retained the PCW Tag Team Title  even though they lost via count-out to The Schmidt Brothers: Jack and Joe (R) w/Ron Paul (R-TX) and Jim Schmidt.

PCW Men’s Champion ‘The One Man Hollywood A-List’ Stone Chism (D) was stunned by  PCW Women’s Champion Valora Salinas (I) in an intergender grudge match instigated by Chism’s sexist behavior towards Salinas.

In the final Republican Rumble of 2011, ‘American Citizen’ Kevin Scott w/Mitt Romney (R-MA) held off K-Roy w/Newt Gingrich (R-GA), Jim Schmidt w/Ron Paul (R-TX) and a resurgent Texas Jack w/Rick Perry (R-TX) who had his best outing in some time and nearly stole the match from Scott.  Nikki Haley (R-SC), who declared her support for Mitt Romney earlier in the show, ran in and distracted Texas Jack long enough for the ‘American Citizen’ to dispatch him over the ropes.

Thursday night, PCW will hold a post- Jesusland vs. Progressiveville retrospective show before heading into the Christmas/New Year’s break.