New Cain Blockbuster: PCW Extreme Political TV Recap

PCW Extreme Political TV Recap
JQH Arena
Springfield, MO
Monday November 7th, 2011
Host: Johnny Suave

Right to the ring where Herman Cain (R-GA) stands with a mic.  With ‘Pizza Delivery Guy’ Josh Jackson (R) by his side, Cain declares that he has survived the trial by innuendo and prevailed over the forces who want to derail his PCW CEO campaign.

Cain is about to leave when another woman comes out and she’s flanked by Gloria Allred.   She introduces herself as someone who Cain tried to trade sexual favors for a new job at the restaurant association he headed.   As Cain and Jackson watched, she implored Cain to ‘admit what you did’ and ‘make this right so PCW can move forward and focus on the real issues at hand.’

With the crowd still buzzing about the latest allegation against Herman Cain, the cameras go backstage.  Magnum P.O.’d (R) w/valet Robyn Masters and a grinning Newt Gingrich (R-GA), pounds Pizza Delivery Guy Josh Jackson in the hallway with Herman Cain nowhere to be found.   Magnum drags Jackson to the ring and we have our first match of the night.

Magnum P.O.’d defeats ‘Pizza Delivery Guy’ Josh Jackson @ 4:14

Big Union (Democrats ‘The Self Proclaimed Savior of the Middle Class’ Big Labor, James the Jeep Worker, The Longshoremen, and the California Teacher’s Union) are in Ohio in advance of the referendum on Senate Bill 5 tomorrow.  Big Labor says tomorrow is day 1 in reestablishing Big Union as the ultimate political force in PCW.  No one, not even those second tier pretenders led by Charlie Blackwell (Blackwell’s Les Miserables), will dispute that Big Union knows what’s best for middle class America- even if middle America disagrees.

PCW Tag Team Champions Jack and Joe Schmidt (R) w/Jim Schmidt and Ron Paul (R-TX) and the Extreme German Schnauzer Hans Gruber def. Corporate Might: Big Oil and Kirk Walstreit (R)- the Wall Street Market Analyst with the man crush on ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit @ 10:37

After a commercial break, it’s time for the main event.

Merchants of Death: Angel Scott and Angel Casey (R) vs. The Mercenaries: Dawn McGill and Svetlana Kovalevski (I)

In a hard hitting, no holds barred fight, Scott and Casey have McGill up and ready for the DSD (Death Spiral Drop).  Women for Women: Code Pink and Emily List hit the ring and Pink fires off a Glitter Bomb that hits Scott in the eyes.  Scott and Casey are then attacked by the PCW Women’s Tag Team Champions Kelly and Korey Korver (D) and now it’s four against two.  McGill and Kovalevski then even the odds and the show ends with all eight women in the ring and PCW CEO Barack Obama (D-IL) coming to ringside.

Obama, once again going around the PCW Competition Committee, books a handicap match for Republicans Merchants of Death: Angel Scott and Angel Casey against Democrats Women for Women and the Korver Sisters for Thursday night.