No, Really. For the Last Time, Chris Christie (R-NJ) is NOT Running!: PCW Extra

At a press conference in Trenton, New Jersey this afternoon, one night after speculation ran rampant on PCW Extreme Political TV about whether Republican Chris Christie would jump into the PCW CEO contest, Christie, with the tag team Jersey Boyz (R) standing behind him,  made it clear that “now is not my time.”

Christie: “I have a commitment to New Jersey that I simply will not abandon.”

The Jersey Boyz seemed disappointed at Christie’s decision along with several Republican fans who’s overwhelming call for him to join the race caused him to at least give it one last look.

Christie’s exit leaves ‘The Alaskan Pitbull’ Sarah Palin as the final shoe to drop before January.

The press conference was marred when a fight broke out between restaurant competitors Twin Peaks CEO Randy DeWitt and Mike McNeil, Hooter’s Vice President for Marketing.  In the middle of the scuffle, a third person jumped in.  He grabbed the microphone and said he was Hugh Mungus-Mound and his new restaurant chain- Big Honkin’ Tetons, was going to kick both of their plastic boobs.