Olbermann v. Morgan Set for Monday Night: PCW Week in Review

Olbermann vs. Morgan This Monday Night
As reported on Twitter yesterday, the Keith Olbermann/Piers Morgan war has now escalated and Olbermann of Current TV will put his King of Extreme title on the line this coming Monday night against CNN’s Morgan on PCW Extreme Political TV.  Is the ring big enough for these two massive egos?

PCW Investigative Reporter Woodward Bernstein sticks a microphone in the face of someone on the street and asks him about the Olbermann/Morgan war.  His response…

In any war between Keith Olbermann and Piers Morgan, we all lose. Unless they destroy each other.  Then we all win.”

Rick Perry Gets In/Iowa Battle Royale
It was a good week in PCW for Rick Perry (R-TX).  First, he made a grand statement when he sent Texas Jack (R) to Iowa last weekend and take out the winner of the Iowa Battle Royale.  Next, he announced on video screen that he was running for PCW CEO.  Thursday night, Texas Jack, with Perry in his corner, dispatched the winner of the Iowa Battle Royale, Average Joe (Tea Party) with Michele Bachmann in his corner, to open PCW’s Politics Is War on P-SPAN show.

Speaking of Iowa, despite the post match chicanery, Michele Bachmann (R-MN) came out smelling like a rose guiding Average Joe past a tough Jack Schmidt (R) from Ron Paul’s (R-TX) camp.  Former 2-time PCW Champion Kevin Scott (R) surprisingly bowed out early on in the match thanks to some help from ‘Extreme Environmental Hardcore Icon’ Al Gore (D-TN).  Gore made a surprise appearance and distracted Scott which allowed Schmidt to dump him over the top rope.

Not doing so well in Iowa, Newt Gingrich (R-GA) who’s Brad Company (R) finished in last, and Utah Republican Jon Huntsman who helped Jamie Walker (R) to a seventh place out of eight finish.

Farmer John (R) finished third with Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) but Pawlenty still departed the CEO race anyways.

Chris Christie (R-NJ) Now a Possibility??
Thursday night on PCW Politics Is War on P-SPAN saw the debut of a new team- The Jersey Boyz.  The boyz made an immediate impact…

…Vinnie regains control over Jenkman.  Mona Lisa sets up a table.  Not good enough.  She puts thumbtacks on the table.  Still not good enough.  She sets the table on fire.  That’ll do.  Vinnie and a semi-recovered Frankie hit the New Jersey Death Drop on Jenkman through the table.  The referee dumps a bottle of something on Jenkman to put out the fire as he counts the pin.  The Jersey Boyz get their first PCW win at 9:36.

With the appearance of the Jersey Boyz in PCW, could Chris Christie be far behind?  Will he get into the PCW CEO race?

Democrats and Republicans Recruit Callie Urban and Valora Salinas
The wooing of both women intensified this week as both parties tried to convince Urban and Salinas to join their side.

Late word has it that the Democrats want Callie as their #1 women’s wrestler, Valora as their #2.  Anyone who knows Valora, coming off an impressive 10 month run as Missouri Valley Wrestling champion, will wonder if she’ll accept playing second fiddle to anyone, much less the woman who defeated her for the MVW title.

However, don’t expect Valora to walk over to the Republicans either.  Depending on what Urban does will prompt Salinas to make her decision.

Kelly and Korey Korver have signed on with the Democrats.  “The American Girl” Sarah Mae Smith and “Trailer Trash” Lani Harlot joined the Republicans.  “Demolition Machine in a Skirt” Dawn McGill formally declared herself to be an Independent.

Christine O’Donnell Walks Out of Bill Clinton’s Hot Tub
Clinton brings up the pictures that showed up in Gawker of O’Donnell dressed in a beetle’s costume before sleeping with some guy.  O’Donnell again tried to move the conversation.  Then Clinton got into the issue of same sex marriage.  O’Donnell: “I don’t think it’s relevant. It’s not a topic that I chose to embrace, it’s not what I’m championing right now — I’ve been there, done that, gone down that road.”  And then to Clinton’s surprise, she got up out of the hot tub, wearing and red polka-dotted, beetle type swimsuit, and walks off.

O’Donnell later explained her actions to PCW Investigative Reporter Woodward Bernstein…

“He had a decidedly inappropriate line of questions leading up to that, that many people — bloggers — are saying was just border-line creepy.  I was not there to talk about sex — and he would not stop trying to talk about sex.  I’m not a 20-year-old on MTV right now.  So let’s get back to the political issues that I lay out in the book — and he wouldn’t let up.”

PCW Champion Yamamoto Tanaka (D) Criticized by Fellow Democrat Triple R
Triple R, never known to hold anything back, blasted Tanaka for not being more active in helping put Democrats over.

…Triple R says he’ll take pictures with your kids and sign autographs in the back…NOT!  The crowd really rips into him. As a matter of fact, that’s how he started his career in PCW, by being the underappreciated, uncrowned PCW champion.  Triple R says PCW Champion Yamamoto Tanaka (D) is in it for himself and doesn’t do anything to help Democrats win.  He brushes O’Beck Bahama (D) off as an viable PCW title contender and calls Republican ‘American Citizen’ Kevin Scott a ‘has been, never was.’  Then Triple R demands a title shot against Tanaka and calls himself a true Democrat.

There is no love lost between Tanaka and Triple R ever since Triple R and ‘The One Man Hollywood A-List’ Stone Chism (D) conspired to get the belt off the Japanese SuperDestroyer at PCW Extreme Election Night 2010.  Republican Jill Berg defeated Tanaka after unbeknownst to her, Triple R and Chism attacked Tanaka in his dressing room before the match.  Soon afterwards, both men demanded a title shot against Berg.

It’s no secret that Tanaka is the favorite of mainstream Democrats while Triple R is the darling of the Markos Moulitsas, Firedog Lake faction of the Democrats.  Tanaka is rumored to be leaving PCW within the next few weeks to wrestle full time in Japan.  If and when Tanaka leaves, it will leave a huge vacuum at the #1 slot for the Democrats that Triple R, Chism, and possibly the returning O’Beck Bahama will battle to fill.

Monday night on PCW Extreme Political TV:
-PCW King of Extreme Champion Keith Olbermann of Current TV puts his title on the line against CNN’s Piers Morgan.

PCW WORLD CHAMPION: ‘The Japanese SuperDestroyer’ Yamamoto Tanaka (D)
PCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Jack and Joe Schmidt (R-Libertarian)

#1- Charlie Blackwell (I)
#2- ‘The One Man Hollywood A-List’ Stone Chism (D)
#3- Texas Jack (R)

#1- California Teachers Union: ‘The Foul Pole’ Andy Golatta/Malibu Dusty (D)
#2- Big Oil and Kirk Walstreit (R)
#3- Big Labor/Triple R (D)

#1- Katie Collins (R)
#2- Kalee Jones- The Eskimo Queen (R)
#3- Valora Salinas

#1- Glenn Beck (R)
#2- ‘The Queen of Political Extreme’ Ann Coulter (R)
#3-  Ed Schultz (D)