Jones and Beck Get Into It Backstage at PCW Loose Cannons Unleashed 7: PCW Newsline

This incident took place backstage:

Van Jones (D), former ‘Green Job Czar’ to PCW CEO Barack Obama was cutting a promo on Conservative Commentator Glenn Beck (R): “Glenn Beck has spent a lot of time repeating lies about me. I can handle attacks on me, but last week Beck attacked the American Dream itself. Now that’s an attack on millions of hardworking Americans who just wanna give their kids a better life. So today I’m issuing a challenge to Glenn Beck to debate anytime, anywhere, about our nation’s future. I want the American Dream to be real again for all Americans. So Glenn: you ready to talk this out?”

Beck flies out and tackles Jones and they brawl.

Johnny Suave: “Apparently not.”


More fallout from the PPV:

Current TV’s Keith Olbermann named PCW referee Jon Taylor ‘The Worst Person in the World’ for his controversial decision to allow Daniel-San (I) to wrestle for the PCW Television Title Monday night.

Daniel-San went on to defeat ‘The One Man Hollywood A-List’ Stone Chism (D) to win the title.  Olbermann defended Chism as ‘not being mentally prepared’ to face Daniel-San and his unique style and said it was unfair to change Chism’s opponent at the last moment.

‘The Voice of PCW’ Johnny Suave had this to say: “Olbermann conveniently ignores the fact that it was Democrats Big Labor and Triple R who took out Chism’s Republican opponent ‘Pizza Delivery Guy’ Josh Jackson just before the match took place.”

Democrats Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are pushing hard for a rematch between Daniel-San and Chism.  Will the PCW Competition Committee, led by John Boehner (R), mandate such a match?  Stay tuned.