PCW Loose Cannons Unleashed 7 Card for This Monday Night

The seventh edition of PCW’s first and longest running pay per view show is set for this weekend. Loose Cannons Unleashed 7 hits the airwaves next Monday night live from PCW’s spiritual home, Hack’s Rusty Nail Saloon in Wauseon, Ohio.

Here’s the card:

#2 w/’The Vest’ Jim Tressel (I) vs. ‘The Insanely Mad Hungarian’ Alex Hrabosky (I)
– #2 has made a splash since joining PCW two weeks ago. Hrabosky is looking for revenge after losing to #2 thanks to various outside interference.

‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido (AmHeartland) and Daniel-San (I) vs. Dann Armey and Brad Company (R)
-with Charlie Blackwell moving into singles, Escondido has been looking for a replacement tag team partner. He may have the perfect one in Independent superstar Daniel-San. Dann Armey and Brad Company are tagging together for the first time.

‘The So-Called Savior of the Middle Class’ Big Labor and Triple R (D) vs. Big Oil and Kirk Walstreit (R)
-classic matchup between big labor and big business.

The Right Wing Blogging Brigadiers: Rush Limbaugh, ‘The Queen of Political Extreme’ Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, and Michelle Malkin vs. The Angry Left Wing Bloggers: Rachel Maddow, Arianna Huffington, Markos Moulitsas, and Professor Paul Krugman
-another pundit/blogger grudge match that PCW specializes in.

PCW Television Title Match
‘The One Man Hollywood A-List’ Stone Chism (c) (D) vs. Pizza Delivery Guy Josh Jackson (R) with Herman Cain (R)

-Jackson is rising fast within the PCW ranks with the guidance of Cain. Chism has held a stranglehold on the PCW TV Title for several months now. Can Jackson dethrone him?

PCW Tag Team Title Match
California Teacher’s Union: ‘Foul Pole’ Andy Golatta and Malibu Dusty (c) (D) vs. The Schmidt Brothers: Jack and Joe Schmidt (R)

-will the recent controversy over the revelation that Malibu Dusty is in fact a woman be a distraction to the CTU? Can the Schmidts become 3-time PCW Tag Team Champions?

PCW Title Match
Yamamoto Tanaka (c) (D) vs. Charlie Blackwell (American Heartland)

-Tanaka lost to Blackwell a year and a half ago.  Since then, Tanaka has become a three time PCW Champion. And Blackwell is slowly finding himself leading his group of Les Miserables. Can Blackwell become the youngest PCW Champion ever at age 22? Will the Democrats go to war to protect the PCW title?