Death Benefits

Where have General’s Dempsey, Odierno, Amos, Welsh, and Grass, along with Admirals Winnefeld and Greenert been hiding? They are the members of the Joint Chief’s of Staff and have all been conspicuously missing in the fight over death benefits for our fallen soldiers. Their silence is deafening, and speaks volumes at the same time. Their silence can only mean they could care less about the lives of the soldiers they are supposed to lead. These military men should have stood up long ago and demanded that their soldiers not be left behind. Their resignation would have spoken volumes. These men instead allowed the soldiers to be used as political pawns. What are these men afraid of? Their careers? Well their legacies are ruined in the eyes of many. How will any soldier ever feel confident that their leaders have their back when these leaders left their men on the battlefield. How will these men ever look another soldier in the eyes and tell the soldiers they care? I thought part of the soldiers creed was to never leave a fallen comrade behind? Do these men use that as a snazzy punchline to some sort of sick joke? These men have not shown honor in this treasonous behavior by our politicians. These men have not shown any integrity whatsoever. It is wrong not to make good on our promise to our soldiers as they made the ultimate sacrifice. Yet these men remain silent and thus endorse our politicians being deadbeats when it comes to repaying our debts. These men should be ashamed to wear the same uniform as the men who gave their lives to protect the Joint Chief’s comfy Washington DC offices. If these men won’t resign to protect our soldiers; then they should be forced to resign out of American outrage.