All About Choices

Life is about choices and those choices have consequences. The pundits have been busy lately pushing the default meme the Whitehouse is screeching about. We have all heard of the impending Armageddon if the debt ceiling isn’t lifted. We will default, we will have skyrocketing interest rates, we are playing a dangerous game of chicken. The problem is none of that is true or at least doesn’t have to be true.

Obama screeched how the Republicans would kill grandma because the social security checks could not be mailed out (I thought there was a social security trust fund). We heard how the United States would default on its debts. We have heard of the dire consequences that would result. What we don’t hear from the American left is that if America did default it would be because Obama chooses to default. If the social security checks are not mailed it would be because Obama chooses not to mail them out. It is all a choice and it would be Obama’s choice.

See Obama is looking for an increase in credit limit. Credit limit does not mean our government doesn’t have any money, what it means is that our government can’t borrow anymore money. Take an individual with a maxed out credit card. The individual calls the bank and asks for a higher credit limit. The bank refuses and says no deal because they are worried about the individual’s ability to repay. When the bank refuses to increase the credit limit the individual doesn’t automatically default. The individual doesn’t have to stop buying food to place on the table. No it means that the individual has to make due with the current resources. The individual would have choices to make, they may be difficult choices but they are choices nonetheless. Obama would be placed in the same circumstances. Obama could pay interest payments and pay for entitlements and everything essential. What Obama wouldn’t be able to pay for is the frivolous programs the left insists upon.

Let us all get the facts straight. If Congress does not pass a debt ceiling increase it will be Obama’s choice to default or not. It will be Obama’s choice to pay Social Security or not. It will be Obama’s choice for what is funded and what is not. America does not need to pay more in taxes; the government needs to learn to live within its means. Please liberals explain why we can’t agree to reduce spending?

I can explain why we should not raise taxes today and make cuts tomorrow. I can explain my position on why taxes do not and should not be raised. I can defend my position why can’t the left. Believe me when I say this is all about choices and if Obama chooses he can pay for necessities including the debt payments. Republicans need to stand their ground and reduce spending in exchange for a debt increase. No raising taxes until it becomes clear that is what is necessary to balance a budget.

This is not to say the Republicans are without choices of their own. Why is it that the cuts Republicans are proposing are over ten years? Why is it most of the cuts in the out years or in the reduction of growth rather than outright cuts. From my foxhole, I see that during the recession with shrinking GDP and minimal inflation, our Government has grown at ten times the rate of inflation. If America just shrank the government to pre recession levels we would have a balanced budget today and we wouldn’t even been having this discussion. America needs to vote the Career politicians out of office. We need more fresh faces that will do what is right for America rather than what is right for their career. I don’t want someone in office that believes politics is a career rather than public service. Obama has choices to make, The Democrats have choices to make, the Republicans have choices to make, politicians have choices to make, Americans have choices to make. Everyone in America has choices to make, just remember life is about choices and those choices have consequences.