The Social Security Fraud


Yesterday the President raised the stakes in the debate over the debt ceiling increase. Like every Democrat before him instead of debate the President resorted to scare tactics. However in this case, the President unwittingly exposed himself, the democrats, and the media complex as fraudsters and liars. The American left has always kicked the Social Security can down the road, claiming that the popular senior program was solvent and had plenty in the trust fund to pay full benefits far into the future. Those of us that pay attention always knew this was the great lie but no one listened. Now I wonder if the left will listen and realize their pyramid scheme is crashing down around them.

Social Security is paying out more than it takes in and has been for a couple of years now. The treasury has been dipping into the trust fund and paying promised benefits from the general fund for a couple of years now. See the great lie is that the trust fund has money in it. Nothing could be further from the truth. The trust fund is filled with IOUs and empty promises. This statement made from the President to scare seniors into making a loud enough hiss to force a deal on the debt ceiling exposes the left for the lies and fraud they have been perpetuating on the American public. If social security were really solvent then the checks would go out as promised because they wouldn’t increase the deficit. In reality, we have to borrow money now in order to pay the promised benefits. Social Security is not solvent until 2036 as claimed. The American left has been spending the money dedicated to Social Security since its inception. That was fine as long as the program took in more than it paid out. However, now it is taking in much less than it is required to pay out and the deficit must be covered by the general fund. If this doesn’t wake up the left to the realities of our deficit problems nothing ever will.

The media complex has been protecting this President for far too long. For years the media has been and will continue printing fraudulent articles on Social Security. Now the media is pushing the meme that it is the Republicans that are uncompromising with the “balanced” approach of their messiah. I wonder if they will even see the fraud for what it is here. Will the media continue to carry Obama’s water and push his failed policies? Will the media continue to allow Obama to scare seniors or will they finally say enough is enough and expose the grand fraud for what it is? The story here is not that Obama is pushing for a “balanced” approach (he has not compromised, he just recycled his last failed budget plan), no the story is that the President in an effort to scare people exposed the Social Security fraud. There is no way to excuse the President for refusing to pay promised benefits out of the so called “Social Security Lock Box” if in fact Social Security is solvent until 2036. Again if Social Security were solvent it wouldn’t add on iota to the deficit, now we all know the fraud the Democrats have perpetuated is all smoke and mirrors and a grand lie told to the American people.