Pundits Cry: Woe Be Me for the President

The Pathetic pawns in the liberal media are missing the point entirely when it comes to the oil spill non response from the Obama administration.  The pathetic pawns are worried for their chosen one because of Obama’s lack of coherent leadership.  Instead on focusing on what the government could be doing to avert a catastrophic disaster they pathetic pawns focus one what the government can’t do to avert the impending disaster.  Rather than focus on cleaning up, laying booms, burning the top, dropping dispersant, and skimming the oil while the oil slick was still off shore, <a href=”http://www.politicsdaily.com/2010/06/01/obama-and-bps-oil-spill-no-help-from-the-pundits/”>the pathetic pawns come to the aid of a flailing President by asking the rhetorical question “what do we expect?” Then the pathetic pawns lay out the things the government doesn’t have the technology to do for instance “stopping the leak”.</a>

Thus far Obama’s response has been one of laying blame.  The first administration response didn’t come until 12 days after the Deepwater Horizon explosion.  Obama then pointed the finger of blame at British Petroleum.  Then Obama had to be shamed into interrupting his “vacation” so he could actually see first hand the damage being done along the Louisiana coast.  Now Obama is sending his Attorney General to Louisiana to investigate crimes that may have been committed.  The Department of Homeland Security didn’t even know the military had vessels that could assist in laying dispersant until after it was too late to prevent the slick from reaching the coast.

My advice to the pathetic pawns is to call Obama out on his non response. Stop worrying that Obama can’t stop the leak. Stopping the leak is best left in the hands of the oil industry.  Start investigating what the President should have done to avert the impending disaster.  Instead of allowing the inept President to “say” all hand are on deck make him prove it.  Where is the call for volunteers to to clean up the coast?  Where is the military that could be burning the excess oil?  Where is the Coast Guard who could be skimming the oil?  Where is the EPA who should be directing clean up efforts?  Where is the Department of Homeland Security who could be directing dropping dispersant?

Obama didn’t respond until it was too late.  There is no way now to contain the spill.  The spill could have been contained had Obama looked for solutions the Government could assist with instead of focusing on blame and the tasks the government wasn’t equipped to deal with.  I know for a fact that the EPA and military have training classes and scenarios for just this sort of disaster.  The clean up efforts and containing the spill are the focus of the training scenarios.  Instead of breaking out the containment manuals Obama miscalculated the extent of the spill and attempted to politicize the situation for personal gain.  This miscalculation, lack of leadership, and pure ineptness will result in a disaster that could have been averted or at least minimized.  Please stop with the “woe be me” what could the President have done.  The President should have led rather than point fingers.  The President should not have taken ownership of the situation when it appeared the “top kill” experiment was working only to push the ownership back on British Petroleum when Top kill ultimately failed.