The Hypocritical Left

After passing health care reform is there any doubt who the party of hypocrites is? The so-called party of “choice” just took away the choice of every American. The Democrats pursue abortion at any cost and portray it as “choice”. Planned Parenthood has a meme it pushes of “Its my body”. Yet when it comes to health care it is not the body of the person. We are now all under the control of Government.

That’s right folks the government is telling you what to do with your body. Every American now has to have Health Insurance. The price of being born is an insurance bill. So we don’t have a choice over what we do with our bodies when it comes to a Socialist experiment yet we are supposed to believe in the rights of an individual to abort a baby. Obama is all for having choice for his daughters when it comes to having sex. Obama is all for his daughters not accepting the responsibilities and consequences of their choices. Yet we as the “not smart enough” voter have no choice in purchasing insurance.

The No Choice party, was never about providing choice. As Bart “sellout” Stupak said abortion was always about death. See it costs to much money to have babies, it is much easier and cheaper to promote a pro-death agenda and abort the innocent. Abort the ones who have no choice in being conceived. Yet when a responsible mother decides to accept responsibility the baby again has no choice. The democrats will groan about the death penalty for the guilty. Yet these same Democrats are in favor a pro death agenda when it comes to babies. How can the Democrats rationalize a pro death agenda and call it “choice” yet take away our individual freedom and not allow a “choice”. The whole left is nothing but a hypocritical bunch infatuated with the killing of innocence and the taking of individual freedom.