America Strikes Out

The Health Care vote resulted in the American people and reality striking out. Obama came out and said this is what change looks like. Al Sharpton came out and said the American people overwhelmingly voted for Socialism when they elected Obama. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have done everything behind closed doors and cut so many backroom deals that America may not ever know the full scope of corruption in the Democratic Party.

The President and the rest of the Democrats are nothing more than idealistic children that have no idea of what life is all about. They have idealistic Utopian dreams of everyone being “equal” when in reality life just isn’t fair. Instead of offering equal opportunity the Democrats mandate “fairness” for the few against the many. The Democrats are stealing individual freedom in the name of fairness and equality. The Democrats are stealing what makes America the envy of the world in order to promote a nanny state. The elitists believe they know what is good for America. The elitists believe Americans aren’t smart enough to make the right decisions. The Democrats are not based in reality. Today Paul Krugman says “Fear struck out”, in reality it was the American people that struck out.

The President himself dismissed the American public during his so called health care summit. The President at the end told the American people it didn’t matter what they thought they would receive their voice on election day. It is hard for me to believe that the rabid media just allowed this dismissive behavior go unchallenged. The President totally dismissed the entire public at large when he told the Republicans that he was going the route of the backdoor for his glorious Socialist ideas and Americans could vote on election day. The pathetic pawns had a duty to have this point clarified. We have a representative Democracy in America. That should mean that our Representative’s vote the will of their constituents and not their own will. Many of the Democrats sold out their vote to save a failed President. They sold their vote and they sold their constituents.

This amazes me that the pathetic pawns do not take the President to task. The pathetic pawns are in this to promote their own selfish and elitist ideals. The President doesn’t care about Americans he only cares about the party and the politics. Obama and the Democrats only want the power to dictate and this is why they went against the public and forced their will upon us. This Health Care bill was never about America but rather about the Democratic Party ideology. The Health Care fiasco destroyed Democracy in America. The people no longer own their Government. The Government owns the people. All we have left is our vote. After we vote the politicians are free to vote their party ideals and forget the people until next election day.

The pathetic pawns were correct in claiming it was a historic day yesterday. It was a historic day in that the two political party system have officially taken over the government. Yesterday proved that the American people can only speak on election day. The Democrats stole 17% of the American economy and will officially make the citizenry rely upon government. The innovatedness of the American people has died. Government has been the ruin of all great civilizations. Our forefathers developed a form of government to ensure our government never took over the lives of the citizenry. Yesterday that was stolen. No longer does the voice of the American people matter unless it is election day. What our politicians did yesterday was treasonous. The Democrats placed the fate of the Presidency, the fate of the party, and the fate of their special interests ahead of the people. Sorry, Mr. President, you are not America and America does not like your change. Sorry Mr. Krugman it wasn’t fear that struck out it was the American people that struck out.