Obama Votes Present

Yet another 3:00 am moment and Obama is no where to be found. Iran is in udder self destruct mode and the President refuses to get off the Golf course. The streets in Tehran are a river of blood. Protesters have taken to the streets and are being shoot down by the brutal Iranian regime. At least 15 people are dead including a Mousavi relative. Many rebelling Iranian citizens have been carted off to the notorious Evin prison. But the only thing that could possibly get our President off the golf course is a minor accident involving a minor child of a friend.

Obama was too busy over the weekend to respond to two major National Security crisis. First there was yet another failure in security as a terrorist threatened to set off an explosion to bring an aircraft down over Detroit. The terrorist has an American visa and the State Department had two opportunities to revoke the visa. The State Department failed to adhere to policy and failed to follow up on potentially damning information. Additionally, the planners of the attack were previous guests at Gitmo. Next came the mass protests in Iran. Iranians took the the streets to protest the brutal regime and were shot dead. Assassins took out an opposition leaders relative. The violent crackdown came on Ashura. Ashura is a holiday where violence is forbidden. Yet the brutal regime fired weapons into a crowd killing at least 15 protesters. Yet our President remains on the golf course presumably practicing for the celebrity challenge or the Bob Hope Classic.

One must wonder why Boy Wonder is sitting these crisis out. We must wonder what happened to the eloquent one that was going to bring “Hope and Change” around the world. Obama took the time to come off his beloved golf course when a family friend and an injured child. A few cuts requiring stitches and a bruised ego made Obama jump. Yet when National Security calls Obama sits the sidelines waiting for someone else to do the heavy lifting. Days passed before obama had anything to say about the attempted terrorist attack, and days have passed since the Iran protests began again. What took so long for Obama to come up with a weak and ineffective statement? The answer my friends is that Obama waited for Angela Merkel to shame him into a statement. Obama would have waited even longer if she had not first come out against the brutal regime. Obama would have waited until he knew which direction the revolt in Iran was going to move. If in a week it looked like the protesters may force the regime to make changes or perhaps even fall, Obama would have jumped on his horse and claimed victory against tyranny. However, if the regime cracked down and stamped out the revolt, then Obama could save face for his one on one dialog with the regime.

Obama has blown a historic opportunity. Obama could have come out months ago and supported the protests in Iran. Obama could have come out stronger when the protests began a few days ago. Obama could have brought support to the protesters and when the regime fell America would have looked upon as a great savior. Much like the Albanians look at us for bringing down tyranny in the Balkans. Instead Obama was weak and ineffective, ensuring that even should the protests bring down the regime, the new leaders will look upon the US with disgust for sitting the sidelines. Supporting the Protesters would not have changed one thing in the grand scheme had the regime managed to stay in power and stamp out the revolt. The current Iranian government has no intention of playing nice. They are not going to give into pressure and only desire delays to finish developing their nuclear dreams. Its 3:00 am and the President of the United States is AWOL.