Acorns Online Annual 2005 Report Reflects Democrats' Support

Read ACORN’s 2005 Annual Report online at: http://www.acorn.org/index.php?id=10039, and decide for yourself about whether this organization is partisan or not. I got the sense that while it may have been intended to do good things for low income families, the organization’s report reflects that it backs Democrats in what it reported. For example, the site states the following: “In California, ACORN partnered with union allies to successfully fight four ballot propositions backed by Governor Schwarzenegger which would have harmed school funding, changed redistricting procedures, and curtailed the political voice of union members….” “Fighting the Bush Agenda: ACORN members mobilized in Washington DC and around the country as part of national coalition efforts to protect social security from privatization, defend the rights of immigrants, and fight federal budget cuts to critical safety net programs….”

The report on this site says: “Putting Millions in the Pockets of Low-income Families.” It sounds like this organization’s agenda is to redistribute the wealth –or promote welfare programs- through taxes into its programs, backed by Democrats and their agendas.