Charles Blow post blacklisted by google


Some of you may find this interesting as I see it pop up as an issue for others from time to time.  This is a first for me.

First off, I have reposted the original post under a slightly altered title which does give hits.

When I do a search with my site’s ‘site google search’ feature I do not get hits for my original Charles Blow post.  “Charles Blow” will not work, neither will “not your” which also appears in the title of the post. I can go directly to the post, though.

Here is a link to the original post. Charles Blow — Not your Father’s Racist which google has blacklisted.

Here is a link to sightly retitled post Charles Blow — Not Your Father’s Racist — Charles Blow which google currently links to.

And a link to a quick post on the issue. Charles Blow Post Blacklisted by Google

This is the sort of thing google did shortly after the climategate story broke.  As one type climategate into the search bar, the hints below did not show climategate as an option for a while.

This sort of activity should result in a black eye for google, but they run a mysterious “black box” and seem to be able to side step charges  of manipulating search results.