Looking for a CinC

The Army’s new field manual FM3-07 STABILITY OPERATIONS has just been released.

Here’s what the Army says we should be looking for in a CinC:

For every operation, commanders develop personal, detailed understanding of the situation and operational environment. They then visualize a desired end state and craft a broad concept for shaping the current conditions toward that end state. Finally, they describe their visualization through the commander’s intent, planning guidance, and concept of operations, setting formal planning processes in motion.

Thus, planning is an adaptive process that ebbs and flows with the situation; as understanding of the situation evolves, planners develop branches and sequels to account for such evolution.

Planning is a continuous activity, constantly adapting as the conditions of the operational environment are shaped by activities, both natural and human. Since planning is an ongoing process, the resultant plan is an interim product of deliberate thought, based on knowledge and understanding at a specific point in time and space.

The truest measure of a good plan is not whether execution occurs as planned, but whether the plan fosters flexibility, initiative, and adaptability in the face of unforeseen events.

In the debates so far, has anyone seen this level of leadership displayed by any of the candidates?

Is it any wonder that the electorate is fed-up with both parties, and both candidates?

If John McCain has been doing serious planning for his presidency, now would be a very good time for him to unveil these plans!!!