Stand Up For Traditional Marriage

On November 4th, the people spoke out on gay marriage – but the attacks on traditional marriage continue.

Voters in California, Arizona and Florida added their voices to those in twenty seven other states by adding amendments to their state constitutions defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

But now, radical liberals and gay activists are working to overturn the will of the people – even attempting to get judges to rule the amendments unconstitutional.  Others even want the new liberal majority in Congress to pass legislation revoking the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

Make sure that they don’t succeed!  Stand up and be counted for traditional marriage!

Make sure that your elected officials hear from you and other pro-family Americans all across our country.  Make sure they know that you want them to defend the traditional definition of marriage.

Join our online campaign and have an impact:
* Add your name to our petition to Defend Traditional Marriage
* Send your members of Congress a fax letting them know how you feel
* Forward a message to other pro-family Americans and encourage them to do the same!