Armchair Quarterbacking

I hate to say it, because I have always been an eternal optimist, but folks we got our arses kicked again. And we will keep getting beaten until we wise up. This week the position that redsate took on the Confederate Flag controversy was appalling. And even more appalling was thee bullying that went on on our own side. I would expect this kind of name calling from the lefties but not from our own. But enough of that. Folks we need to stop being afraid

I’m sorry, I hate to keep chastising us but we were afraid. We kidded ourselves into thinking we did what we did to bring about healing. But the lefties never wanted to heal the situation. We are finding that out right now with the vandalism of war memorials and talk of banning other cultural icons such as the American Flag.  So I will make this diary short and sweet because I really want those who care to understand these points:

  1. We need to embrace this fight. The longer we wait to get into it the less chance we have of winning.
  2. We needed so badly to control the conversation about the flag: Meaning we should have created the narrative of it being a racist symbol of the Democratic Party and those who wanted it to come down were tacitly acknowledging that the lefties are racist, always have been always will be.
  3. We should have made demands of our own. It would have been awesome if that petition to take down all the memorials of Robert Byrd in West Virginia came to light earlier this week. We should have drove this one home. If anything it would have put the left on the defensive having to explain why they are honoring a former grand wizard of the KKK. We should demanded people like John Stewart put his money where his mouth is and go down and support the victim’s families in Charleston instead of doing another cool rant about how racist the South is.  Maybe Nikki Haley should have said, “We will talk about the flag once I see everyone pitching in and helping to comfort the victims.” We should have forced the left to help us heal like they make us care.

So again, here is the blue print and I will state it one more time in general terms.

  1. Embrace the fight.
  2. Control the conversation and narrative
  3. Make demands of our own.

If we would have done that we could have steered the conversation back to the real issue  which was helping the survivors.

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