Conservatives Matter

I guess this is one final plea to the Establishment not to shove Jeb Bush down our throats. With all the viable candidates we have running it boggles the mind why you would want this clown over some of the others. Please, I beg you, give us even [mc_name name=’Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000595′ ]. While still flawed, next to another Bush, he is a breath of fresh air. Now that the groveling is out of the way I would like to give you the Establishment RNC a warning. Conservatives matter!

This diary is inspired by a conversation that I had with my mother in law last night. I was telling her that in order for the Republican candidate to win he is or she is going to have to make themselves viable to Conservatives. She wanted to know why they should do that since we are a small portion of the party. I countered that if we are such a small percentage then our Conservative votes are not needed in November 2016 for the Republican to win and we will not vote for the front runner and write in our own choice. She has never understood that and always responds with a look of shock that we would not vote for the Republican( Again, I will be voting for a Republican, just not Jeb Bush).  She is not alone. This is the attitude of the Establishment.

It has been customary for you the Republican Establishment to attack, malign, and dismiss Conservatives. Then you ask for, and in some cases, demand our vote during election time. When we don’t give it to you, you are flummoxed and angry. Well what do you expect when you tell people they are not wanted? What do you expect when you govern just the opposite of what your constituents want, and what you promised? What do you expect when you make statements like “We have crushed the Tea Party.” Or, in Jeb’s case, referred to us as “chirpers.”

I guess we find it insulting that you expect us to give you a vote when you don’t give us a voice or place at the table in the party. We don’t like being insulted. You may think that is simple minded and sour grapes. But, here is the thing.

You have backed Conservatives into a corner. We lose no matter what we do.  If there is a choice to be made we will make the principled one; not the pragmatic one.

So, as the title states, conservatives matter; I defy you, the Establishment RNC, to think otherwise.