What do we need them for?

To be honest I dislike Rinos even more than I dislike liberals. At least liberals are honest about who they are. Rinos lie to us and then attack us when we call them on their B. S. Today Loretta Lynch was confirmed. It was the usual suspects in our “party” who jumped ship.
The MO is always the same. First the tough talk Kabuki theater. Then the cave.  And then the ultimate screw job on the base. So the question and the title: What do we need them for?

What has [mc_name name=’Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M000355′ ] really done for us? I know what he has done to us. He’s attacked us.He turned off his phone and refused hear us during the government shut down. So what compels us to keep sending him back to Washington?

What has Boehner done for us? I know what he has done to us. He has sponsored attack ads against conservatives in the name of amnesty. He has given Obama everything he wants. He’s  a feckless leader and human being. So what compels us to send him back to Washington?

We send these people back to Washington because we are scared. But why?  The same things are happening that would happen without a Boehner, a McConnell, a Corker, or a Flake.

I like the term that we have to be willing to shoot the hostages (politically and figuratively) It means that we turn our backs on these clowns if we can’t primary them. Now this doesn’t mean we work for their democratic opponent. It means we exercise our first amendment right of Freedom of Speech and write in the candidate we really want. It means urging the primary challenger to run on an independent ticket if they don’t get the nomination.

The other side wouldn’t hesitate to do this and I know have said this before. They can pull these things off. We must do likewise. We have no choice.

We can do this gradually if necessary. But it has to be done. The longer we wait the more painful it will be. We kid ourselves by saying we will hold our noses just one more time and vote for the lesser of two evils. Evil is evil no matter the quantity.

The problem we have right now is that they do not fear us. Why? Because  they think they have us by the short hairs—and they do if we continue on the same path that we are on.  At this stage in the game there is no benefit or wisdom in compromise. It is all or nothing.

If we do not take action the abuses of the IRS will continue. The EPA will still run amok. Alphabet agencies that we have never heard of will continue to have Swat teams. Nothing will change.

I like that scene in the movie “Walk the line” where June Carter clears Johnny Cash’s house of all the riff raff and the drug dealers. That is essentially what we would be doing. I equate the Rinos with drug dealers. We are hooked on them and their product. They have convinced us we can’t live without them or it. But we can. It will be tough at first. But we will toughen up. We need to cut them loose. Deep down in our hearts we all know what needs to be done. So let’s do it! We will be better off in the future. I yield the balance of my time.