Let's change who we currently are

Yesterday Mike Pence capitulated and without further ado I will ask this simple question: Why do libs always win? The answer lies in exploring who we are and who we need to be.

We’re Curmudgeons. We are the “get off our lawn people.” we see protests and instead of actively engaging the issue with demonstrations of our own, we cluck our tongues, shake our heads tell the other side to grow up and get a job. But we can change. I have seen us buck this trend in things like the Tea Party, and our fight two years ago against the universal background check for handguns. In fact I read a lot of great diaries on tactics for how we could do battle on this issue; such things as ridicule of the other side, by making up fictitious guns for them to ban. I have been to the Tea Party Rallies and I heard the inspiring rhetoric. We can be this inspiring again. Just follow [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ]’s example. So let us stop being curmudgeons and take on these fights with vigor.

We are kidding ourselves with the “Happy Warrior” meme. To me Happy Warrior equals half-assed warrior. There isn’t anything to be happy about. We need to be savage warriors. Savage warriors have passion and the courage of their convictions.

We are more concerned with being the smartest people in the room and trying (and in some cases succeeding) to win the intellectual argument with those who don’t think intellectually about these issues. We need to argue and try to connect emotionally with people. For example, instead of trying educate a lib about small government and capitalism when they rail against the rich corporations, try this : “You know what bothers me, rich Limousine liberals who tell us all to sacrifice when they continue to fly around on private jets and live in palatial estates. What do you think of that crap?” or “You know what bothers me, gun control advocates who have body guards armed with the very guns they want to ban. What do you think about that crap?” When you do this you commiserate with them and at the same time force them to confront the hypocrisy of their position and the positions of the people they support. We need to learn and speak their language of emotion. That doesn’t mean we adopt or co-opt  it.

We hide in the shadows and are afraid to be who really are in public. Subsequently that turns us into compromisers and people who are afraid of making waves. I’ve seen us standup and be conservatives and republicans. I saw it in 2010 when we proudly proclaimed ourselves freedom loving people and conservatives in the heyday of the Tea Party. We can do it again and reverse this by doing something simple such as when we are in discussions with liberals, saying “I’m a conservative and proud of it.” When we do that we plant our flag.

Let’s stop being reasonable when the other side won’t listen to reason and keeps shouting at us. We’ve fooled ourselves in thinking we will teach them something by being the calm people in the room. So far they have learned nothing. I find in my own experience that sometimes respect comes after you shock people by yelling at them and first making them fear you. I think the grass roots in our party is capable of doing that. [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ] showed us how when he led the charge and shut down the government to make a point about how bad Obamacare was.

We remain in toxic relationships when we should be cutting those people loose who are slowly killing us. We need to let those people go. One thing my wife told me is that I should have sat the woman before her down and said “This is not working out and you need to go.” We need to do that with people on our side who do not share our vision.  Again, I saw us do this years ago when we stopped Dede Scozzafava from being elected to the U. S. House of Representatives. Remember, “it is a good hill to die on?” So, let’s not be afraid to sacrifice short term discomfort for long term gain, our long term gain being we eventually get better people to represent us who share our point of view.

Changing is hard and it will require us to reinvent ourselves. But I think when we do what I have prescribed we will be better equipped to fight(and fight we must) our opponents who do not have our best interests at heart.