Call their bluff

In an attempt to intimidate the states that pass an RFRA, businesses have threatened to leave the state, on the command of their masters that being the Militant Homosexual Lobby. The most prominent company is Walmart who as we know has their headquarters in Bentonville Arkansas. So, okay Pence and Hutchinson here is what you do, if that’s the way they want to play, call their bluff.

I say we start with Walmart. If they threaten to leave, Arkansas ought to say, “Hey great, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” Then Arkansas ought to take steps to ensure that no more Walmart stores can be built in their state. They should pass anti monopoly statutes specifically targeted at Walmart.  Do everything they can to make Walmart less profitable.

What’s that you say? Hurting Walmart would hurt Arkansas’s economy? Have you been to Arkansas? If you have then you would see that no one in Arkansas is getting rich because of Walmart. Like most states, Walmart is as helpful to the economic environment of any town as the locusts are to trees. Basically the Walmart store salts the earth of Main Street in just about any town, the other option  being turning it into “artsy fartsy street. A friend of mine calls Walmart the whorehouse on the highway.

Suffice it to say, I think Arkansas would do just fine without Walmart, as pretty much the rest of America. And that goes for any other business that wants to coerce this country to accept an ideological point of view that is foreign to the American way of life. We don’t need your dirty money either.
So again, Angie’s List if you want to go somewhere else, then God Speed! As I said in a previous post, good luck in California! You better watch your peas and cues, because if you say anything that might be the slightest bit “homophobic,” the good citizens will turn on you like a pack of banshees. Don’t believe me, just ask the former CEO of Mozilla. Oh, and before you go we promise to make the rest of your stay in Indiana as pleasant as possible, like also maybe looking for every legal  way possible to make you less profitable. You see we don’t respond well to threats and don’t like being stabbed in the back. Also, to quote another redstater, any other company who participates in the boycott of Indiana or Arkansas ought to be sued by either state. Two can play hardball.

The one thing about big business is that they are not big government, and you as conservatives should never fear big business like you do big government. That is  the left’s job. You see the reason why you shouldn’t fear them is because unlike big government, you don’t have to give them money. In fact, you can withhold your money if you don’t like their behavior. This is something I intend to do with Apple, Angie’s List and any other organization who supports bullying in the name of tolerance.