Dear liberal, unfortunatley you made me care, and now so will you.


A writer here on Redstate about a year ago claimed he did not care about gay marriage, or homosexuality. Honestly, I didn’t care either. I felt I really had other things in life to think about than those two topics. For example, I had groceries to buy, school to attend, and a household to support. And I would like to have been able to have done those things with little or no help from anyone else. Basically, I wanted to be left alone.

But, like Erick pointed out a year ago as well, I have been made to care. Not just about homosexuality, gay marriage, but all other things liberal, and all of the drama that goes with it. I cannot go anywhere without compulsory compassion being thrown in my face in some way or another. Subsequently, I feel it is long overdue to put a stop to it, if not level the playing field. So that is what I am trying to do. In order to do that, I want to force liberals to “care.” We do that by turning the tables on them.

I will start by addressing the Lib who called me an idiot in response to yesterday’s diary, and who gave me two tweets– which I do thank that person for. I will now confront one of your remarks in your tweet.

“THIS author is an idiot; a gay baker would have no problem selling a cake that has”HappyBday Billy Graham”

I know libs all too well. I know what offends them, and I know it does not take much to do so. While most of my evidence is anecdotal, I have seen libs froth at the mouth when you do something as innocuous as try to teach them about civics, or try to talk to them about the free market. I speak for myself when I say if you try to do so, you will probably get called all sorts of names, the most popular one being a racist. So, I am sorry, I’m just not convinced a gay baker would have that level of tolerance for baking a cake for Billy Graham’s birthday. I would love to be proved wrong.  Continuing, let me state what I do know to be true about you, liberal, who called me an idiot:

  1. I know you do not love this country the way I do. You might love it for yourself and see it as your own little petri dish where you can conduct social experiments. But you don’t have the desire like I do to preserve what it truly stands for, and what people before us have died to preserve as well. In fact you are probably more than willing to speak ill of it overseas when the opportunity arises. Oh, and you want to know what it stands for? Open your mind and go to a Tea Party rally and you’ll learn pretty quickly.
  2. You like the United States Constitution in so much as you can make it work for you and those like you, and are willing to subvert it until it does.
  3. Freedom to you is your freedom get in someone’s face, or your freedom to trespass in places where you have no right to be. Or, it is your freedom to offend another’s sense of peace. You’ll fight for your own freedom of speech, but no one else’s. In fact you will try to stamp out other’s speech you don’t agree with. As result, I am done fighting for yours until you understand that free speech applies to everyone.
  4. You talk a great game when it comes to tolerance and love but you don’t practice it. In fact you are the most venomous foul creature when people do not agree with you, and sometimes you will resort to violence or at the very least, libel, defamation, and character assassination.
  5. You may want the government out of your own life, but you want in on everyone else’s life, and you want the government to help you out with that task.

I hope you will be truly offended by these five points and again, call me an idiot. But please understand it is these five points that motivate me to make you care by forcing you to bake cakes and do other things you have the right not to be compelled to do, in the hopes that you will learn to not bully others, or force your way of life on me or anyone else.